Burial Coffins
Another Alternative To Caskets.

What Is A Coffin?

A coffin case is a box specifically used to place a deceased body in during a funeral and burial. Caskets and coffins are usually for the most expensive item in a funeral ceremony. They come in different shapes and sizes with various price tags, depending on the hardware material used and extra decoration on them.

Coffin Facts

Coffins vs Caskets

Often, coffins and caskets are used interchangeably. But these two boxes differ from each other. Coffin cases are generally narrow at head and feet and have a larger width near the shoulders. Caskets are rectangular shaped boxes made with high quality wood such as timber or mahogany.

Coffin Types

Coffins are built using a variety of materials including cardboard, soft woods, hardwood, and eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, banana leaves and stems, and other natural materials. Add-ons are available like hinged tops, handles, painted decorations, and interior cloth and pillows.

Choose The Right Coffin

If you’ve decided to use a coffin for your loved ones burial and price is a concern for your family, you’ll find that a coffin is one of the most economical burial containers available. You can always add extras as needed to make the coffin as nice and presentable as your budget will allow.

An Honorable Farewell

At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter how much you're' able to spend on a coffin. What matters most is that you give the deceased a dignified and honorable funeral and to bid him or her a final farewell.