Pet Insurance For Exotic Pets

If you think you can't get pet insurance for exotic pets, think again. Once upon a time this benefit was mostly geared towards cats, dogs and livestock. Today, insurance companies understand that owners of exotic pets want and need insurance also. So, companies like VPI, a Nationwide company, have fantastic exotic pet insurance policies. This category covers birds, reptiles, rodents, amphibians and other animals. Under these groupings are countless creatures for whom you can get pet insurance.

Many exotic pets like birds and reptiles live almost as long, if not longer, than most people. This means you could have your pet for 50 years. Even certain types of lizards and the female tarantula can live as long as 20 years. That is a long time to have a pet, and in that time it is possible something could go wrong.

Exotic pet insurance is much like pet insurance for cats and dogs. It covers emergency surgeries and procedures for accidents and unexpected illnesses. For many animals this is good to have, because exotic creatures may fall victim to unique diseases their owners may not even be aware of. There are always going to be certain things that are not covered under pet insurance for any animal, such as pet food. Sometimes pre-existing conditions are covered after a waiting period, sometimes they are not covered at all. In addition, preventative procedures and medicines like vaccines may or may not be covered.

Often, exotic animals are very expensive to begin with. They may require expensive lodging, equipment and food to keep them healthy. It's common sense to protect your costly pet with an insurance policy. Pet insurance for exotic pets can be yours for a small monthly payment. It may be less than you are thinking to insure your pet. The best way to find out is to inquire with various insurance companies who handle exotic animals. You can find them by searching online. And, in most cases you can request a free quote online as well. If you have questions, there should be a customer service number that is toll-free, as well as a customer service email address.

Once you have chosen the company that seems like the best insurer for your exotic pet, you can fill out an application. It can be done on paper and mailed or usually done online. After the underwriting department has approved the application, there may be paperwork to sign. At this time you will learn the actual cost of the insurance policy and receive your first bill and all your documents. If your policy is denied, you will receive a letter explaining why.

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