Pet Insurance For Your Dog

Many dog owners consider their canines to be members of the family, even to be like children. These owners spoil their dogs with the best food, toys, treats and lots of love. If you are one of these owners you may be forgetting something for your best friend -- pet insurance. Pet insurance basically works like insurance for people with a few differences. Usually, insurance for your dog will cover emergency surgery or treatment for sudden illness. In some cases it covers preventative treatments also.

Even if you have a dog that is impeccably trained, that stays indoors, that you are sure is in great health it is still wise to consider insurance. There is just no way to predict if your dog will fall ill suddenly or suffer an injury. For example he or she might be attacked while on a leash at the dog park, or might run out the door and get hit by a car. A dog could fall off a porch or down stairs and break a bone. There are many different scenarios that you should be prepared for.

While these things probably won't happen, what if they did? Would you be financially prepared? Surgical procedures and medications can be very expensive. Many people in today's economy don't have the disposable income set aside to cover the cost, or the credit to get a personal loan to cover the cost. Insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind. For an average cost of $30 per month you can rest assured your dog will be taken care of in the event of an unexpected accident or illness.

Certain things are normally not covered under a pet insurance policy. For example, elective surgeries are excluded. This includes things like cosmetic modifications such as ear and tail docking. Pet foods and other supplies are not covered, nor are grooming visits. Congenital defects are normally excluded as well. In addition, pre-existing conditions are usually not covered, and if they are there is most likely going to be a waiting period. As mentioned before, in some cases preventative measures are covered, although some policies do not cover them.

Preventative measures for your dog would include a monthly heartworm pill, vaccinations and sometimes, flea treatments. You will want to check with the insurance company to be clear on what is covered and what is not. One way to find out is to receive free quotes from insurers. You can usually do this over the phone, or online which is an even easier and faster way. Compare quotes and features of different policies from different companies to get the best value. If you have further questions about what insurance for your dog will cover, a representative from any pet insurance company you choose should be able to answer those questions over the phone or via email.

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