Pet Insurance For Your Cat

Cat lovers everywhere want what is best for their pet. In many cases they already have the best food, toys, homes...the only thing left is medical care. Even if you love your kitty's veterinarian, you may be missing out if you don't have pet insurance. Pet insurance covers unexpected medical expenses if your cat gets injured or sick. Often these bills can add up to a lot of money, and many owners don't have that much just sitting around to cover the cost. Pet insurance covers it for you, which gives you peace of mind that your pet is cared for in every way.

If you're one of those pet owners who thinks pet insurance is an unnecessary expense, think about the behavior of any cat for a moment. Cats are explorers, adventurers. Everyone has heard that old saying "curiosity killed the cat." Even a lazy housecat might get the urge one day to run out the door in pursuit of a bird. This cat could get injured in many ways. A cat could get attacked by another animal or hit by a car. Even a cat indoors could get injured if it bit through a cord, consumed something poisonous or fell off a high surface, for example. The myth that all cats land on their feet all of the time is just that, a myth.

With pet insurance, medical expenses associated with emergency surgery or illness are covered. The entire expense may not be covered, but the bulk of it is. The amount covered, and exactly what is covered, varies from policy to policy. There are certain things you can count on to be excluded. Pre-existing conditions are usually not covered, and if they are there is normally a waiting period. Birth defects are also not covered. Grooming and pet food are excluded as well. For a full list, you will want to contact an insurance company. Different companies have different policies, so shop around.

Comparison shopping is a great way to get the best policy at the best price for your cat. You might find that different companies charge different prices for basically the same policy. Obtaining free quotes is fast and easy, in the majority of cases you can request one online and get it instantly. Once you've found the insurance company and policy you want, it is easy to submit an official application. This is something you can do online as well, although there may be hard copies of certain documents to sign.

Once you've submitted your application for pet insurance, it will go through the underwriting process for approval or denial. If approved, you will be notified of the exact cost. From there, pet insurance for your cat can be paid for monthly, quarterly or annually. Sometimes, paying by the year can save you money on the total cost.

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