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Ancient etchings suggest that the Vizsla descended from Hungary around the 10th Century. There is thought to be strong links with pointer dog breeds and the fact that “vizsla” translates as “pointer” in the Hungarian language gives more indication that this is the case. The dogs bordered on extinction around the time of World War II although it’s thought that many Hungarian’s attempted to smuggle them abroad in a bid to keep the breed going. It now looks as though those attempts were successful, with the Vizsla’s popularity growing year-on-year having been introduced into the AKC in 1960.

In terms of appearance, the Vizsla can only be described as a medium-sized breed which stands between twenty two and twenty six inches tall, weighing approximately forty to sixty pounds depending on the sex. The breed oozes strength and muscularity with the athletic body and upright posture contributing immensely to this look. The head is in complete proportion with the rest of the body with no definitive features, with the ears simply drooping at the side and the nose being flesh colored. The coat meanwhile is short and smooth and just comes in the one color variation of golden rust – which lightens at various points on the body. The Vizsla has a bushy tail although where legal, 2/3 of this is usually docked. Similarly, the Vizsla’s declaws are also removed.

The Vizsla’s temperament is second to none and they will fit in exceptionally well to the vast majority of families. Good with children, good with other dogs, loyal, loving and energetic – the breed has all the perfect characteristics. However, while they can be an ideal family pet, there’s no doubting that stern training has to be done from an early age. If left to their own devices, they can become very set in their ways and will not react well to commands. What’s more, it’s vital to suffice their exercise demands. The Vizsla has a huge amount of stored energy and if they do not receive enough exercise they will become restless and stressed. Ideally, any owner will be able to dedicate a long, daily walk. If this cannot be provided, the Vizsla may not be a suitable breed.

All in all, the Vizsla is a very healthy breed with hip dysplasia being the most common complaint. With that, it’s no surprise to hear that their average life expectancy is relatively high with most living between twelve and fifteen years.


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