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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

As the name suggests, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier did in fact originate in the region of Staffordshire in the United Kingdom. Breeders wanted a dog that would be suited to bull-baiting and therefore crossed many Bulldogs and terriers to eventually find today’s breed. Bull baiting required a dog to get the better of a bull and therefore this breed is highly intelligent and possesses great strength. However, when bull baiting was made illegal in 1835, the breed’s popularity dwindled and it wasn’t until around a century later that numbers began to pick up again. Nowadays, the breed’s fighting days are over and having been introduced into the AKC in 1975, the “Staffie” is now mainly used as a household pet.

Elegant is probably a word rarely used when describing the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, with the breed possessing an extremely rigid appearance. They stand between thirteen and sixteen inches tall while their weight can vary between twenty three and thirty eight pounds. While not the largest breed in the world, the Staffie is certainly strong and it’s whole appearances oozes muscularity. Their head looks somewhat vicious and the tiny, dark eyes and short ears add to the tough image that the breed possesses. Their coat is smooth and short and can come in a variety of different colors including black, red, fawn or white – although some dogs contain white markings as well.

Despite the tough persona, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier can be in fact a superb family pet. They get on brilliantly well with children and other dogs in the household although stern training must be issued from the start to guard against any future problems. The breed needs a strong leader and if this is not the case, they can be a handful for some families. While their courageous and fearless nature is usually a good thing, there are times when it certainly works against them and they must be protected from becoming overzealous. Any potential owners must be made aware of the Staffie’s chewing habits – with the breed having tendencies to chew a lot more than the average breed. Considering their immense power, this means that they can cause great damage around the house and special, strong toys should be purchased. All in all, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier can be the perfect pet should the owner be suited. They are loyal, affectionate, intelligent and playful and if they have a good leader, there shouldn’t be any problems.

As well as possessing immense strength, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has plenty of stamina and this means that they need a large amount of exercise. However, apartment life can still suit them although obviously they’d rather fulfill their requirements in a yard. The breed has few health problems with cataracts, HD and thyroid issues being the main complaints. This is probably the reason why they have such a long life expectancy, with some living up to 16 years.


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my dog is a mix of this breed and a german shepherd. my comment is that this dog loves to chew and destroy everything...couches,carpets, linoleum,dry wall,leather belts,purses,shoes,etc....so, if you have a luxurious home; this is not the dog for you. on the other hand, if you are like me: own your own home for 20+ yrs, are settled , have grown children , empty nest syndrome, plenty of patience, forgiveness, and love, than this is the loyal, loving dog you have been looking for.

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