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As the name clearly suggests, the Spinone Italiano originated in Italy. While the breed may not be very well known across the United States and certain parts of Europe, in its home country it is regarded as the main type of hunting dog. The breed has excellent senses and this has meant that they have become not only a very popular hunting dog in Italy, but also across other nations. In fact, up until recently they were mainly acquired as hunting dogs although after they were included in the AKC in 2000, more and more people are starting to keep them as pets. Some people may also be interested to know that there are other names that the breed is known as, with the Spinone, Italian Spinone and Italian Griffon all used.

The Spinone Italiano can only be described as a large type of dog, with the breed standing between twenty two and twenty eight inches tall, with its weight varying between sixty and eighty five pounds. The most distinctive feature of the breed is undoubtedly its nose, which has large nostrils and sits on the end of a square shaped nozzle. The Spinone Italiano also appears powerful through the deep chest, while the triangular ears are something else of a feature. The breed sports a wiry coat with colors ranging drastically. Possible combinations include white and orange, white and brown or even just solid white.

As the above has highlighted, the Spinone Italiano is historically a hunting breed and such hunting tendencies are still apparent in its temperament today. However, this is not to say that the breed does not possess good pet attributes, with the Spinone Italiano being very popular amongst families nowadays. The breed is superb with children and will undoubtedly become a favorite with all types of families, with its humor, enthusiasm and laid back nature making it an ideal pet for many households. Being a sociable breed, the Spinone Italiano also gets along very well with other pets and potential owners should not express any concern with how it will react with other dogs. The breed is very quiet and with aggression also rarely occurring, potential owners should not prepare to utilize the Spinone Italiano as a guard or watch dog.

Fortunately, very few health problems are associated with the Spinone Italiano. While there are cases of hip dysplasia, bloat and certain minor conditions, there are no major issues that commonly affect the breed. Bearing this in mind, the life expectancy for a Spinone Italiano is relatively high with most living beyond twelve years.


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