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Originating in Siberia, the Samoyed’s name has some interesting history attached to it. The breed was named after hunters and fishermen who were called the Samoyed’s, as these were the people that used the breed in their line of work. This work included hunting, guarding and also pulling sledges. Unlike a lot of working breeds in ancient times, the Samoyed’s were paid a lot of respect by their owners as their work played a key role in survival. After a while the dogs arrived in Europe and due to their beautiful appearance, they are commonly seen in show events. However, they are still always remembered for their history and it’s thought that the Samoyed is one of the most ancient breeds in the world.

The Samoyed is renowned for its beauty and it stands within a compact body. While white is the most common color, its coat can also come in yellow or cream and is of an extremely heavy texture. One of the main features of the breed is its lips which are completely black and curl into a smile that’s referred to as the “Samoyed smile”. The breed is not particularly large and stands around twenty two inches tall and can weigh anywhere between thirty five and sixty five pounds depending on the sex. However, its history of tough graft has meant that the breed has gradually developed a muscular physique. The tail is another prime feature and it extends into a long and bushy shape that curls inwards.

In ancient times the Samoyed often spent large amounts of time with their owners, which meant they developed a loyal temperament. This has not changed over the years and while the breed will often develop a unique bond with their owner, they are extremely friendly to everyone else. This temperament means that they cannot be considered as a watchdog or guard dog. They get on brilliantly with children and other dogs, although with non-canine animals extra caution should be taken.

Just like many breeds, one of the main health complaints for a Samoyed is hip dysplasia. Skin allergies and eye problems are other issues that could affect them, but on the whole they are relatively healthy and generally live between 12 and 15 years. They are a fairly active breed and will prefer to have a yard, although this is not essential. Due to their historic work in cold environments they have a thick coat and this means that anyone based in a hot climate is not advised to own one.


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