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Originating in Germany, the Rottweiler is a large herding dog that’s now sometimes used as a police or guard dog. In the early days, this breed was charged with tough tasks such as carrying heavy products to markets and the like. During the first and second World Wars they were used as guard dogs and since then this trait has continued. While they are a relatively popular breed now, that hasn’t always been the case. During the 1800s it was thought that the breed was all but extinct, only for it to be bred more and more some centuries later and in the 1990s it became the AKC’s second most registered breed.

This can be described as a huge breed, with some standing up to 27 inches and weighing in at 130 pounds. The body can only be classed as powerful and muscular and is often covered with a black coat, with brown markings on certain areas. With triangular ears and a relatively large head, this breed may look aggressive in some ways but also has a loving look to it as well. The Rottweiler usually has its tail docked in countries which allow it and will also have its rear declaws removed.

This is a breed which will stand by its owner and family no matter what and will prove a loving and loyal companion should the right training be given. Generally, it will get along fine with other pets so long as it has been brought up with them and again if trained correctly, living with children shouldn’t be an issue. Should any strangers venture close to the house, the breed can get overprotective and it could be advised to warn people of this. As we’ve kept on saying, training a Rottweiler is essential as due to the fact they’re a large dog, they can become overaggressive if they haven’t been taught properly.

While the Rottweiler is described as a tough breed that can seemingly cope with lots of pain, there’s no getting away from the fact that they can be susceptible to quite a lot of health problems. Hip dysplasia is fairly common as is subvalvular aortic stenosis, elbow dysplasia, and osteosarcoma. Due to the number of problems that this dog seems to experience with their hips and eyes, it’s always recommended to ask a veterinarian to test them if the owner decides to breed. In terms of exercise, this breed needs plenty of it but will adjust to apartment life as long as a little exercise is performed each day. They love to run and swim and for this reason a lot of families take them on vacation. Most Rottweiler’s live between ten and twelve years.


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