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The Puli is a very old breed of dog, thought to have originated in Hungary over a thousand years ago. History suggests that the Magyars brought the breed to Hungary and a dog in the same ilk of the Puli can be traced back many thousands of years ago in Asia. It was often used along with its compatriot the Komondor, as both were involved in the sheep business. Generally, the Puli would be the herder before the Komondor then stepped in to guard the flock. The Puli was so successful at this that shepherds would pay vast amounts of money to get their hands on one. However, the breed has never been overly popular and there have been numerous times where extinction has been a fine possibility. Fortunately, a select group of breeders have worked tirelessly to revive the breed and it was recognised by the AKC in 1936.

There’s no doubt that the Puli is a unique breed of dog, with the coat being the main feature. Usually in black or a dark grey, the coat is long, wavy and corded and acts as a defence to bad weather. The breed can be described as medium in size standing between fifteen and seventeen inches while the weight is between twenty and thirty five pounds depending on the sex. Due to the coat, the tail can look quite different to many breeds as it curls round over the back – with the corded hairs then drooping over the back. However, other than the coat and the tail to a smaller extent, there are no more distinguishable features on this breed.

The Puli can only be described as an adorable companion and possesses the ideal attributes for a family pet. Energetic, playful, loyal, highly intelligent – the list could go on. They get on very well with children although they are sometimes known to not take well to teasing. They do not have an ounce of aggression in them though and should they feel threatened by a stranger, the most they will do is bark. Any potential owner should be willing to spend plenty of time with their Puli as they are not a dog that likes to be left alone. They best in a family environment where they will always find something to occupy themselves.

Due to the breed’s unique coat, any owner should be willing to devote plenty of time to grooming. The strands of hair need to be separated from an early age and this needs to be done regularly to prevent future problems. In terms of health problems, hip dysplasia and eye problems are the only issues that are known to affect this breed. Considering its healthy history, it has a modest life expectancy of around twelve years.


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