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Some people find the name of this breed blunt and strange, but really itís a testament to how people saw the Pug many years ago. In the Old English language ďpuggĒ was an affectionate term for a playful little devil or monkey Ė which seems to perfectly suit this breed. Itís thought that the Pug is one of the oldest breeds and because of this; no-one has distinguished its exact origin. Some people suggest that itís from Asia, while others are unsure and believe it originated through the crossing of a small Bulldog. Whatever its origin, itís fair to say that different generations of the Pug have lived truly different lives. At one time the breed was the dog of royalty in countries such as Holland, while now they are not only renowned as good companions but are also known to be good watchdogs and tricksters.

The Pug is a relatively small dog in height, usually standing between twelve and fourteen inches. It can be classed heavy for its size though, with the average weight being thirteen to twenty pounds. A lot of people regard the Pug as stocky and compact, which would seem correct by looking at the height and weight figures for the breed. The most distinctive feature on a Pug is their wrinkles, which can be seen all around their face. Another feature is the eyes which are massive in comparison with the head. The breed has a smooth, short haired coat which is renowned as easy to groom. The most widespread color for a Pug is black, although apricot and silver are also fairly common.

As the Old English Language suggests, this breed is plenty of fun and a prospective owner should look to give it lots of attention. The breed is very loyal and will show much affection to an owner. They also get along with children, strangers or other pets Ė so the scope of potential owners is quite big. Itís thought that the Pug is sensitive to the human voice and will understand immediately if they are been badly behaved. Pugís donít require a big yard and will quite happily live in an apartment Ė so long as the temperature is comfortable.

The Pug is a breed that can suffer from plenty of health problems though. The cornea is an area that affects the breed a lot and issues such as Keratites could occur. Other concerns that owners should be wary of are skin complaints and breathing problems. Whatís more, Pugís are known to be sensitive to the weather and the temperature could cause a change in mood. Even though they are prone to quite a lot of health problems, itís thought that the average Pug has a lifespan between twelve and fifteen years.


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