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There is great controversy over where this breed originated, with France, Germany and Denmark all being possible locations. Officially, the authorities have labeled France as its place of origin and this seems to match with the theory that the breed descended from a French water dog. Itís early use in France and also Germany was to hunt waterfowl, with many owners keeping the coat short so it would be able to hunt in the water easier. Over time the French eventually realized that hunting was not the only talent though and it became apparent that it could perform tricks and be a good entertainer. For this reason, many Poodles could be found entertaining the public in circus environments.

The Poodle is dissimilar to most breeds in the way there are three types of the breed; a standard, miniature and toy. Whatever the type, thereís no doubting that the appearance of the breed is very distinctive. Their coat is dense and curly and most Poodles will be just made up of one color. The tail of a Poodle will vary from country to country, with some regions deciding to dock it. As for other areas, the feet are small with arched toes while the ears are long and lay close to the head.

As for its temperament, itís fair to say that the Poodle is a likeable breed that will fit in with most families. On the whole, most get on very well with children although some could be wary at first. Their willingness to train and even learn tricks makes them easier than a lot of breeds to bring up. Despite the size, it has been known for this breed to be used as a watchdog as they are very suspicious of strangers and are not afraid to bark whenever necessary. Itís very rare for a Poodle not to get along with other pets and bearing all of this information in mind, itís easy to see that this breed can adapt to lots of forms of family life.

Although this breed prefers to have a yard to play and exercise in, this is not essential. The Poodle is a breed that has a relatively long life expectancy with many living between twelve and fifteen years. However, there are various health issues that are widespread within the breed, with Cataracts, skin conditions, diabetes, epilepsy, ear infections and heart problems all being quite common.


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