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The Pointer, or more specifically the English Pointer, is a breed of dog known essentially for its hunting skill. Athleticism and grace are the two primary characteristics of the Pointer and importantly they donít share features common in hounds and terriers if they make appearances at dog shows. They are one of a kind by themselves ever ready to plunge into the thick of action and do what they are best at, chase.

How would one describe a Pointer? Pointers come in regular colors of orange, black, liver or lemon. They can either be of a single defining color or might have their fur interspersed or ticked with white marks or spread out colored patchwork. For darker varieties the nose is usually black or brown and in lighter shades the nose color is a characteristic flesh color. Raising an English Pointer is hardly a big deal and they are easy to maintain with their short coats which needs one rub with a brush to cut down on fur shedding.

A Pointer usually lives between 12 and 17 years. They do not suffer from ailments that often and are genetically healthy creatures. The worst ailments connected to their breed would be allergies, hip dysplasia, epilepsy and cherry eye.

Pointers are often confined to indoors but do need continuous activity and exercise because of their essential sporty characteristics. They gallop when they run and thus need the exercise to keep them going. Importantly enough they should be given fenced grounds to roam in or their hunting instincts might push them beyond the front or the backyard of the house to go and look for easy prey. Indoors, they are quite content and love sleeping on the family sofas and give good company to those of the family who care for it.

In spite of their status as quintessential hunter dogs, Pointers are usually the tamest pets possible and often they are very much a part of the family. They are incredibly big and they have a bark which can freak out the bravest of men, yet they are friendly and lovable and usually have a great rapport with all members of their mastersí families. Children also gel with them although very young Pointers might not be too fond of them. A Pointer could thus be well worth a possession that is not too difficult and on the other hand, very useful.


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