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The history of the Plott hound dates back to the year 1750, when two brothers with the surname Plott came to the United States from their homeland of Germany. Although one of the brothers passed away during the trip, the other ended up in the state of North Carolina where he bred hound dogs bearing his name and raised a family. The descendants of the Plott family, as well as their dogs, were mountain dwellers who hunted wild animals like boar and bear. The dogs were so closely associated with the family that the name stuck.

The state dog of North Carolina, the Plott hound is commonly found hunting raccoons with its master. This hound can be as much as 60 pounds in weight and 25 inches in height at their largest, although there have been occasional reports of Plotts weighing as much as 75 pounds. This dog is muscular, with a glossy short coat that is brindle shaded, which means it has dark hair with lighter streaks that show through from underneath. The Plott may also bear markings or be solid black. The ears hang down in typical hound fashion and the eyes are usually either an expressive brown or hazel.

The temperament of the Plott hound is loyal, eager to please, smart and brave. Although the dog can be an aggressive hunter, it is a faithful and gentle companion. The Plott is a good dog to have around children, especially if the children are introduced to the dog when it is a puppy and instructed on how to treat it. Plott hounds do howl, but their vocal range is distinctively higher than many of the other hound breeds. It is important to establish yourself as master to your Plott hound, once you do he or she will look to you for firm guidance. The Plott also needs socialization and affection to be a well-adjusted pet.

One of the health problems associated with the Plott is stomach twisting, which can be fatal. The reason is because this dog eats a large amount of food in a short amount of time. It is important to feed your Plott smaller meals even if it means feeding more often, and never exercise the dog after it has eaten a large quantity of food. All in all the Plott hound is considered hardy and strong. The expected life span for this breed is up to 14 years. This breed is best for those with a large fenced outdoor area in which the dog can get plenty of exercise without roaming loose, as the Plott will wander away if given the chance.


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