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Originating in China, this breed of dog has a lot of cultural history in its home country. The Chinese often call the breed the “Lion dog” or the “Fu dog” as they look so alike to the country’s guardian lions. In ancient times they were looked upon as almost divine, with commoners having to bow them while anyone who stole one would be punished by death. They are the feature of many Chinese artworks – so much was their importance back in ancient times. Having been around over 2000 years they are definitely an established breed although unlike a lot of old ones, very little has changed in relation to their appearance.

It would be fair to say that the Pekingese has an extremely distinct look and there are striking similarities with this breed and a lion. They stand between six and nine inches while their weight is usually between eight and ten pounds, making them a relatively small dog. Their face is quite big considering their overall size although it has the unique shape of being rectangular but flat. One of their most unique features is their eyes which are huge in size and are usually quite dark. Their coat is long and flowing and unlike a lot of breeds, it doesn’t come in any particular colors.

Despite their size, the Pekingese is a brave breed and will make a very good watchdog. They make excellent companions and will prove to be very loyal to their owners. In regards to living with children, this is a decision that any potential owner would have to weigh up. While they are usually fine with them, they do not like to be roughly treated so they will probably only be suited to households with older and more mature children. In terms of other pets, this is another grey area. Again, in general they will be fine, but experts on the breed believe that they need to be socialized from an early age with the other animal. While they can be used as a watchdog, that’s not meant to say that they are aggressive with strangers as while they’re always suspicious, they will also be polite.

The Pekingese has a relatively long life expectancy with most living between twelve and fifteen years. However, that’s not to say they don’t have their health concerns with the breed very susceptible to issues such as colds. Their big eyes mean that they can also incur problems while their knees are also prone to injuries, with luxating patella being a common problem. One thing that will suit a few potential owners is the fact that they are not the most active of breeds, meaning that they don’t require too much exercise and a yard isn’t a necessity.


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