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While they may not be one of the most popular breeds, the Komondor is seen as hugely special in its native country of Hungary where it is even mentioned in Acts of Parliament. It is thought that the Cumans brought the breed over and due to its large and muscular physique and it was not long before the Hungarianís put the Komondor to task and set it to guard sheep and cattle. Popular opinion is that the breed was mainly used to herd, but that was not the case and the Komondorís main role was to simply accompany and guard the animals without the aid of a master. Over time the breedís popularity grew and after appearing in other countries through the early 1920s, the AKC recognized the Komondor in 1937.

There is no doubting that the Komondor has something of a unique look, with the coat being the main reason behind this. The breed has a long, thick, corded coat that is always white to camouflage the dog in amongst the flock. While the coat is a huge feature of the Komondor, it can take a while to develop with some dogs not having their complete coat for up to five years. As well as the coat, the breed can be described as large and muscular and certainly blends in well with sheep in every capacity. The average height for a Komondor is anything over twenty five inches, while many weighing anywhere up to 125 pounds. There are no other dominant features although thatís not to take anything away from the appearance, with many extremely fond of the breedís beauty.

In terms of temperament, any owner of a Komondor will undoubtedly vouch for its loyalty. The breed is extremely devoted to its family although its protective nature can sometimes be a little excessive and early training needs to be performed so the breed knows how to act with strangers. If not, there is a risk that a Komondor could become aggressive with those that he is not familiar with. While they do have lots of love and affection for their owners, it is still not recommended to place this breed within a family environment. The Komondor is exceptionally strong and because they do have at least some streaks of aggression within their temperament, it would be unwise to place this dog in a young family. Generally, there are no problems, but as with all powerful dogs any prospective owners should be wary. The Komondor is usually only recommended to experienced owners due to their size, power, specific type of grooming and hefty exercise requirements.

The specific nature of the coat means that any owner should seek advice before even attempting to groom. Other advice that needs to be noted is that daily exercise is an absolute must and unlike a few breeds, the Komondor will not be deterred in the slightest by adverse weather. While there are only a few health problems that commonly affect this breed, most noticeably hip dysplasia, bloat and cataracts, their life expectancy is quite low with most living between ten and twelve years.


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