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Irish Setter

As the name suggests, this breed originated in Ireland. As well as being called the Irish Setter, some also refer to it as the Red Setter due to the colour of its coat. Historically, it was mainly used as a hunting dog, with its great sense coupled with its quick feet meaning it was the perfect breed to use for lots of different types of hunting. Nowadays many owners take advantage of the good looks of this breed and decide to just use it as a family pet.

The coat of the Irish Setter is an extremely dark red, some call it mahogany. In the early years, it wasnít uncommon to see a breed of this type with a white coat and red blotches on their front, although this died out quite some time ago. The ears of this breed are thin, triangular and flop straight down. There are no particular big features to this dog, although some would say that the legs are extremely muscular compared to the chest of the dog which is quite thin. On average, a male dog will stand at around twenty seven inches and weigh in between sixty five and seventy five pounds. On the other hand a bitch is slightly smaller with an average height of twenty five inches and an approximate weight of fifty five to sixty pounds.

The Irish Setter is a breed recommended for families, although only in the correct environment and circumstances. The dog is excellent with children and is always high in spirits, although itís suggested that any prospective owners should look to giving it plenty of exercise. Itís thought that the best environment for this breed is in the countryside where a big yard is available. The breed is lovable but owners need to be aware that strict training has to be put into place very quickly, as the Irish Setter has the tendency to develop bad habits from an early age.

The breed has a relatively long life span, with most living between eleven and fifteen years. Like most dogs, hip dysplasia is a common problem as well as eye illnesses. Bloating is something that can occur regularly in this breed and itís also prone to skin allergies.


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