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Ibizan Hound

Despite the name, it is thought that the Ibizan Hound first originated in Egypt. Depictions that looked very similar to the breed were found in ancient Egypt in 3400 BC and the wide belief is that from here they were transported, most likely by sea traders, to Ibiza. Initially the breed was used to hunt and provide food such as rabbit for the islandís inhabitants, while it is also thought that the dogs were not fed and had to fend for themselves. These hunting instincts have seemingly continued into modern life where the Ibizan Hound is still widely used as a hunting dog due to its ability to hunt day or night.

One of the main reasons for the breedís success as a hunter is undoubtedly due to its size. Built like a Greyhound, the Ibizan Hound can stand up to twenty nine inches tall with the average weight being between forty two and fifty five pounds. As well as size, many of the breedís features also resemble that of a Greyhound as it stands tall and elegant. Their whole body can be described as long, with the neck, head, legs and chest all extending to create an athletic image. Another distinct feature of the Ibizan Hound is undoubtedly the ears which, in keeping with the rest of the body, stand fully erect. While most Ibizan Houndís hold a smooth coat, there are also other types with some possessing those of the long and wired varieties. Whatever the type, the most common colors for this breed are multiple combinations of red, white and tan.

Unlike their homeland, the Ibizan Hound can be described as quiet although they still possess a playful nature. They get along very well with other children although extra caution should be exercised when other pets are involved. Due to the breedís hunting instincts, cats could be at risk although it is thought that as long as the two pets are brought up together, they should be completely fine. Similarly, while there are fewer risks with dogs, if the two are brought up from a young age there should be no problems either. The breed will socialize superbly with its owners but it will take a little time to accept strangers and this must always be considered. However, in general, the Ibizan Hound can be described as a quiet dog that is very respectful of its owner. While their hunting tendencies do sometimes creep into everyday life, in general they are a very well natured breed.

In terms of health problems, the breed suffers from very few with seizures and allergies being the main concerns. The latter in particular should be paid lots of attention to, as the Ibizan Hound is known to react badly to certain types of drugs. For this reason, a veterinarian should always be approached before administrating any types of medication to this breed. Elsewhere, it is important to note that if the breed is to be housed in a yard, it must be secured with a high fence. The size and power of the Ibizan Hound means it can jump to considerable heights and due to its hunting instincts, this means that it will escape very easily unless the appropriate measures are put in place. However, a yard is not a necessary and as the breed does not require vast amounts of exercise, some owners even keep the dog in an apartment.


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