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The Greyhound is a powerful dog, known mostly for it’s ability to run so fast. This attribute has meant that the sport of “Greyhound Racing” has emerged, which is a huge business in regards to gambling. An unbelievable fact is that within three strides, it’s thought that the breed can reach speeds of 45mph. This makes them the fastest breed of dog in the world. They originated from Egypt and historically they were renowned as hunting dogs, with their speed and good eyesight being useful for those situations. Nowadays though they are mainly used as pets and as racing dogs.

Male Greyhound’s usually stand between twenty eight and thirty inches, weighing in at seventy to a hundred pounds. Females on the other hand are smaller with an approximate height of twenty eight inches and a weight of around seventy pounds. The main colors that a Greyhound will be found in are fawn, black, white and blue, combining with their short coat. They are a breed with an extremely muscular physique with a long neck, large chest and flexible spine aiding their speed.

Contrary to popular belief, the Greyhound is a dog that doesn’t require that much exercise. Although they are best known for their participation in sport, they are quite laid back and don’t depend on exercise if they’ve been trained properly. They should not be acquired for the role of a guard dog, as they rarely bark and will greet strangers similarly to those that it knows. The Greyhound is renowned to be a good family pet, as it gets along well with both children and other pets and will generally accept most people and animals into their lives. However, for those families who have either small children or pets, due to the Greyhound’s muscular presence care must be taken and it shouldn’t be left alone with them to minimize the risk of accidents.

For those who are contemplating getting a Greyhound, they should first look around local vets and find one that has knowledge in handling the breed. Although the breed is not known to have many health problems, their body is slightly different in comparison with other breeds and this means that it’s best to use a vet that has experience in this area. On the whole, the breed is thought to be healthy though, and owners should expect a Greyhound to live between ten and twelve years.


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