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Gordon Setter

A Gordon Setter is a large dog which is part of the Setter family. Breeds of this variety are grouped under the Sporting or Gundog Group which is decided by the national kennel club or council. These dogs were usually used to hunt game birds.

Gordon setters described as "black and tans" usually have a coal-black coat along with chestnut or mahogany colored paws and lower legs, muzzles, throats and vents. The rich chestnut or mahogany color also extends to the spot above each eye; and two spots on their chest. The chest would invariably have a patch of white. Often parents which sport the usual colors give birth to red Gordons. This is brought about by the expression of a recessive red gene. Shows do not allow tan, red, or buff dogs. A Gordon's coat is straight or wavy fur but definitely not in curls. The wavy variety usually comes as long and silky, with ear, legs, chest and stomach being to the extent of appearing feathery. The AKC breed standard would rate it as a dignified dog. This variety is the heaviest of Setters, the males reaching 27 inches at the edges and 80 pounds in weight.

Gordons are very faithful dogs. They grow well under adequate attention and are fairly affable. As a family pet they are ideal. Their boisterous nature is most often suppressed and usually they would come across as extremely patient and relaxed. Any person who has children should have absolutely no worries, as the breed is renowned for getting along just fine with kids. They are handled easily and learn to take orders very quickly. Their sensitivity is another famous attribute.

Gordons are essentially active dogs and good runners and thus should be allotted 60 to 80 minutes of solid exercise every day. However, the younger ones should not be over worked and masters should wait until they are around 18 months old to begin with any training of that kind. They have a keen sense of smell and often they have been known to venture into roads while following a scent - thus they should be supervised adequately.

Hip dysplasia is not the most common ailment in Gordons but can still be found in some dogs, especially as they are larger in size. They live up to 10-12 years and they could suffer from disorders like hypothyroidism, gastric torsion (bloat) and eye problems like progressive retinal atrophy, and cataracts.


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