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German Shepherd

Funnily enough, the German Shepherd originated from Germany, where various breeders got together and bred shepherd dogs from the areas of Wurtemberg, Thurginia, and Bavaria. Even know that most people refer to itís name which relates to its country of origin, it is known for this breed to be called the Alsatian. This term is most commonly used by members of the Commonwealth of Nations. A lot of the time the breed is used as a working dog, with work alongside the police force, the military and guarding being typical jobs. However, as well as being a good worker, many keep the German Shepherd as a pet. This is proven with the breed currently ranked as the third most popular in the United States.

The German Shepherd is a very strong dog and stands between twenty two and twenty six inches depending on its sex. Itís power is reinforced by the weight as well, with most weighing in between seventy five and ninety five pounds. It has a double fur coat which can be either short or long. There are lots of different color combinations for this breed with black, tan, brown and silver just being a few possibilities. The ears of this dog are known to be fairly big and the fact that they usually stand erect makes them quite a feature.

The temperament of the breed focuses around their loyalty to their family. They are renowned for being very protective of children in their household, making them an ideal family pet. However, while they are excellent with their family, with strangers they act differently and their fearless nature can sometimes result in problems. Like a lot of dogs, the German Shepherd cannot bear to be left alone and itís important that a prospective owner realises this commitment. Just like they are with children, they are also known to get along well with other pets.

The main health problem that this breed faces is one that many dogs do, hip dyslexia. Apart from that they donít specifically face many other health issues, although skin and eye problems can sometimes occur. Mostly though the German Shepherd is a healthy and happy breed and owners can expect them to live around thirteen years.


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