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Finnish Spitz

As the name clearly suggests, the Finnish Spitz did in fact originate in Finland. Not only that, but it has also been the national breed of Finland for almost forty years. Yet another interesting fact surrounding this breed is that they were once known as the Suomenpystrykorva, which translates as the Finnish Cock-Eared Dog, and also the Finnish Barking Birddog. They were traditionally used to hunt small game and birds and they are still sometimes used for this in their home country. The breed is classed as a ďbark hunterĒ, which relates to their hunting style. When the Finnish Spitz is at work they alert their master to prey by barking and turning their head towards the target. However, this method of hunting has proved more popular in Scandinavian countries and this is probably one of the reasons why they arenít too popular outside of that area.

Standing between fifteen and twenty inches and weighing between thirty one and thirty five pounds, the Finnish Spitz can be classed as a medium sized dog. On first look one could describe them as fox-like, with the bushy tail, erect ears and small muzzle fuelling this comparison. The tail is quite a feature of dog and looks splendid Ė curling right the way over the back and then down the side. The breed can be described as muscular with the square build and deep chest adding to this description. They possess a double coat with a short, soft undercoat combined with a long and hard outer coat. Finnish Spitzís are renowned as having golden-red coats, but other color varieties such as red-brown, dark chestnut and pale honey are also fairly common. Puppies are always born with a dark coat, usually of the grey, black or brown shade and then lighten as they get older.

Any potential owner should learn more about the Finnish Spitzís barking, which could be classed as slightly unique. As well as barking in a somewhat different sound, sometimes described as yodel-like, the Finnish Spitz barks a lot more than the average dog. This is probably because this is what they were originally bred for, when they were hunting. However, ignoring the frequent barking, the breed holds all of the qualities to be a perfect family pet. They get along well with children of all ages and their friendly and playful attitude often goes down well with many families. Any potential owner must be prepared to spend plenty of time with their Finnish Spitz, as the breed absolutely adores attention and needs companionship. In regards to other pets, there could be issues if they are with other dogs of the same sex. Whatís more, due to their hunting history, they may have the tendency to chase small animals such as birds and rodents.

The Finnish Spitz is one of the rare breeds that donít have many health concerns attached to it. The breed is a very healthy one and therefore has a very good life expectancy, with most living between twelve and fifteen years.


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