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English Shepherd

Although its name suggests that it could have originated in England, the English Shepherd was developed in the United States. A group of British settlers brought farm dogs over into the country and before long the English Shepherd was born. Again, another part of its name can be misleading though, as even though the breed is renowned as a farm dog itís seen as one of the most versatile types around. As well as being a herding dog, the English Shepherd is also known to be a hunting dog, watch dog and childís companion. All of these qualities meant that during the 1800s it was one of the most popular breeds in the USA.

The height for an English Shepherd is usually between eighteen and twenty three inches, with the weight being somewhere around forty to sixty pounds. The coat of the breed is of medium length and due to its workman-like life; itís very easy to keep. Any dirt that is caught in it can be easily brushed out and it should also be able to cope with any adverse weather. The main color combinations that the coat can be in are sable and white, black and white or black and tan. As the breed hasnít been bred for the show ring, there are lots of variations between the dogs and this means there are no unique features to describe.

The main characteristic of an English Shepherd is its superb intelligence, although it doesnít stop there. They are a friendly breed and will have a unique bond with their master. Any prospective owner should be looking to exercise the breed frequently as they are very active and need this to be satisfied. If they were being considered as a family dog itís worth noting that they are a very patient breed and superb with children. If itís been raised with other dogs since puppyhood then itís unusual for them not accept the other pet, although if not they are still not thought of as aggressive towards other dogs. They are not frightened of strangers and this has resulted in many families using them as watch dogs.

Like a lot of breeds, hip dysplasia is a common health problem as is elbow dysplasia. Any prospective owner should look to check the OFA ratings of the breeder to see if thereís a chance that the dog could have one of these problems. Generally though, the English Shepherd is a healthy dog and most of the time it will live between twelve and sixteen years.


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