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English Foxhound

Just like the name suggests, the English Foxhound did indeed originate in England around the late 1500ís. The name also explains what its original purpose was, with locals mixing various breeds to create a dog that would be suited to hunt foxes. The Greyhound, Fox Terrier and Bulldog were all carefully mixed in a bid to create the perfect fox hunting dog. By using these three breeds, it was hoped that the English Foxhound would be a determined, instinctive and fast. It was vital that the locals got the ďformulaĒ correct, as with the numbers of Deer quickly dropping, they needed a new hunting solution. Nowadays, the Foxhound is still used for hunting and tracking, although some owners also think that they can be a good guard dog as well.

Standing between twenty one and twenty five inches and weighing between sixty five and seventy five pounds, the English Foxhound can be described as an elegant and athletic breed. It has a very long neck and muzzle although the distinctive feature is its tail, which is held up and very long in length. The ears drop to the side of the head, although donít be surprised to see some English Foxhoundís with their ears considerably shorter to prevent nicks while hunting. There is no direct colour associated with this breed, although white, black and tan are arguably the most common. The coat is short and hard and renowned as easy to maintain, but it does shed.

The English Foxhound can be considered a good family dog, being good with both children and other dogs. Although obedient to their master, training can take time and it helps to have a patient owner. With the breed historically a hunting dog, itís no surprise that they are incredibly active and any potential owner should be aware that the dog would be needed to given plenty of exercise. Even though it can be adapted to a family dog, most owners still use this breed in a working environment. For those who are looking more to a companion, itís advised that they look to show lines which arenít quite as active as field types.

This breed is considered as one of the healthiest and very few problems are reported. Due to its active lifestyle in the early years, chances are that it would have to retire from hunting after six or seven years. However, its lifespan is relatively long, with most English Shepherdís living between ten and thirteen.


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