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Undoubtedly, whenever anyone mentions Dalmation people start to think about the movie Ė The Hundred and One Dalmations. While this film painted a loveable image of the dog, the fact is that it also hurt the breed. Due to the popularity, reckless owners decided to breed ridiculous numbers of the dog without paying much attention to the health or temperament of the dogs that had been bred. Still, behind the movie is a normal dog breed, although to this day there are still arguments over where it originated with Egypt, England and Croatia all being possibilities. Its name was even supposedly taken from a province of Croatia called Dalmatia.

The breed is easily recognisable with a short, white coat accompanied by either black or liver spots. Even though they are always thought to have these spots, at birth they donít although itís sometimes possible to see the patches forming under the skin of puppies. The Dalmation is a relatively athletic dog, with the body being well muscled. Most dogs of this breed stand between nineteen and twenty four inches with their weight being anywhere between forty five and seventy pounds. Their ears are very thin and usually flop right next to the head.

Prospective owners should be aware that in regards to temperament, the Dalmation is an extremely active dog and needs lots of exercise. They have a tendency to take advantage of freedom and roam around though, so itís important to keep them in an enclosed yard. The breed is also very playful and forgiving which makes them perfect to reside with children, although due to their strength owners should always be wary. Any person that is thinking about getting a Dalmation has to be able to guarantee that theyíll be able to spend a lot of time with them. The breed simply loves attention from humans and hates being left alone, meaning that someone who works a lot and leaves the house empty really wouldnít be a suitable owner.

While the Dalmation sounds like the perfect dog with its playful nature, a lot of them end up in shelters as they are very hard to train. Itís generally recommended that only experienced owners should have a Dalmation, as inexperience can lead to big problems when training. Any owner has to be gentle when training as this breed has a very sensitive personality and will remember any form of harshness.

The majority of Dalmations live between eleven and thirteen years. A common health problem is hip dysplasia, with another also being deafness. Kidney issues can also be discovered in this breed, although on the whole most of this breedís health problems simply arise due to the dog getting older.


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