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Some people may not have heard of the Dachshund, although they may be familiar with it’s second name of the “sausage dog”. The Dachshund’s main use was to chase badgers, with it’s low size being perfect to track scents. Due to their low size and this ability, a “sport” called “Earthdog Trials” has been developed whereby the breed scurry down tunnels trying to find bait such as caged mice. There are also recognised scent tracking events, with a national championship being held annually and many Dachshunds taking part. Some people believe that this breed originated in Ancient Egypt, with this suggestion coming from the discovery of engravings of short hunting dogs. However, the majority follow the theory that they came from Europe, with the Dachshund thought to have come from terriers based in France and Germany.

There are two sizes of Dachshunds, a miniature and a standard size. For hunting, the miniature version is used to track rabbits while the standard will be used to follow badgers. The normal size is usually around fourteen to eighteen inches tall, and weighs around twenty pounds. The miniature breed on the other hand can stand up to fourteen inches with an approximate weight of nine pounds. As for the coat, the most common colour is red and black, although cream, blue and chocolate brown are other colours that could be feature on a Dachshund’s coat. There are three different type of coats a Dachshund could have, with these being the smooth, the wire and then the long coat. The main feature that makes the Dachshund stand out from the rest of the pack is it’s extremely small legs combined with an enormous neck.

This breed is a playful dog which shows great affection to its owner. If it was to move into a family home, it would be best with older children as it can get aggressive if antagonised. As for living with other pets, they are usually alright but like other breeds, they do have the tendency to get jealous. Due to their love to chase scents they also have a tendency to go after animals such as birds.

The main problem that the Dachshund has is spinal issues, with intervertebral disk disease being something common. As they are at risk from this, it’s recommended for the breed to rarely use stairs. Another suggestion is for owners not to overfeed their pet as this will put unnecessary strain on the back.


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