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The Chihuahua is a well known dog, with the breed currently the smallest in the world. As well as this, its popularity stems from various celebrities owning one, with Paris Hilton being one example with her pet called Tinkerbell. The breed is named after the Chihuahua state in Mexico, where itís thought that the breed originated in 1850.

With the Chihuahua being the smallest dog, it stands at the miniscule height of six to nine inches with a weight of anywhere between two to six pounds. As well as its small size, another feature of the breed is its ears, which stand tall and erect. Also, its eyes are quite large in comparison to the size of the body. Itís most common for a Chihuahua to have a thin coat, although some owners like to let their coat grow a lot thicker. The coat can come in a wide variety of colors, with fawn, blue, black and cream all being possibilities.

Despite their small size, the Chihuahua is extremely ferocious and is known to bite if they become frightened. While they are not overly bothered about their environment, they are highly strung and because of this they are not recommended to live with young children. As well as that, itís a risk for owners to put them with another breed, as its thought that they only like to reside with other Chihuahuas. While this does seem to paint the Chihuahua in a negative light, itís worth mentioning that with plenty of training they can be molded into a pleasant dog. They usually like to cling to just one person, meaning that they do have a small affectionate side to them.

The most common health issues that a Chihuahua faces are genetic, with this breed usually at risk from disorders such as epilepsy. Also, due to their small nature, they sometimes require expert veterinary care for dental issues. Another difficulty a Chihuahua can have is a molera in their skull, which means an open section in their head. This means that they are constantly at risk in this area if it remains open throughout their life. Still, despite so many health risks, itís thought that a Chihuahua can live well over fifteen years.


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