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The Bulldog, also referred to as the English or British Bulldog, coincidently originated in England. The name sounds quite vicious, and in truth itís been handed it for a violent reason. In the 1600s there was a sport called bullbaiting, where these dogs had to leap at a bull in an attempt to suffocate it. With this being the first notable use of the breed, itís been handed its name because of this.

The breed is of medium sized, although itís extremely stocky. Itís body is compact, while itís legs are very short but still strong. They have lots of excess skin around their face which makes them always seems as though they are frowning. Their head is also very wide in comparison with the rest of their body, although it still doesnít look out of proportion. The muzzle and nose are big features of this breed, with the muzzle being very short yet the nose is broad with huge nostrils. The average height for this dog can range between twelve and sixteen inches, although if an owner is planning to show their Bulldog, the judges prefer to see shorter ones. As for the weight, this is usually within the region of forty pounds.

Despite history suggesting that it was a violent dog, this certainly isnít the case now and many class it as one of the most subtle and gentle ones around. Even though it boasts these attributes, it is not afraid to challenge strangers and this is why it can also be used as an excellent guard dog. Itís known to get along well with children and be a good family dog, although they do crave attention and any prospective owner must be able to give them lots of time. They can be renowned to Ďdominateí their owner if they are not properly trained, so good discipline is required right from the start if the owner wants to have total control over their Bulldog. As for other pets, it varies from dog to dog, with some preferring not to reside with other dogs.

Due to many Bulldogs having small windpipes, it can be common for this breed to incur breathing problems. Other possible health issues are poor eyesight and skin issues, which include being extremely sensitive to both hot and cold conditions. Itís also worth mentioning that if an owner is considering breeding their Bulldog, in most cases the caesarian section has to be considered due to the size of their head. The average age of this breed is eight.


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