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Brussels Griffon

A rare breed, the Brussels Griffon unsurprisingly originates from Belgian. History suggests that the breed is relatively old, with several Van Eyck paintings from the 1800s showing the dog. What’s more, a common tale is that the Brussels Griffon used to be kept by Brussels taxi drivers from the 17th Century in an effort to keep vermin out of the stables. While it has never been an overly common breed, the Brussels Griffon at least experienced some popularity during the reign of Queen Marie Henriette in Belgian. The monarch was a keen admirer of the dog and after also becoming a breeder, the Brussels Griffon soon grew in popularity not just in Belgian but around the world. Unfortunately, this was a high point for the breed and in general, it is very hard to locate one.

The Brussels Griffon is classed as a toy dog, with the breed standing around seven inches in height and weighing between six and twelve pounds. Despite its overall small size, the breed appears resolute and also sports a large head. It also has a small black nose, while the ears are set high and will generally stand semi-erect. The tail is set high although this will be cropped if the country allows it. There are two different coats that the Brussels Griffon can have; rough and smooth. It would be fair to say that the texture of the latter certainly makes it easier to groom, as this is generally shorter and silkier. In terms of colors, the breed can come in a variety. Red is very common, although black and a combination of black and tan are also possibilities. Usually, the chin, legs and eyes will host different shades of the color.

The Brussels Griffon can be described as nothing but a friendly and affectionate breed, which simply loves to spend time with its family. Any prospective owner must be prepared to spend plenty of time with their Brussels Griffon as the breed cannot cope with a lack of attention. They are fantastic with children and get on very well with cats and dogs, while their active nature also appeals to a lot of owners. What’s more, the breed has become renowned for excellence in agility and tracking and any family may wish to further pursue these abilities. In general, they are absolutely perfect dog to have around the family although they are most certainly only suitable in those homes which can provide plenty of time for them.

The breed fortunately does not suffer from many health concerns with eye and respiratory problems being the most common. With that, it will be no surprise to hear that they have a relatively long life expectancy with most living between twelve and fifteen years. It should also be noted that to satisfy the Brussel Griffon’s physical needs, the dog should be at least taken on a daily walk and given access to a fenced yard where they can be active.


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