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The Brittany is a dog breed dating back to the mid-1800s. Named for the French province from which it came, this breed was used as a gun dog. There is a misconception that the Brittany is a spaniel, and you will notice the term Brittany Spaniel when researching the breed. However, the Brittany is actually a type of pointer, a hunting dog. This versatile breed can point and hold game, and is a proficient retriever in water or on land. In France where this breed originated, the Brittany is used to hunt both fur and fowl. The United States utilizes the Brittany for hunting land fowl like the grouse, quail and partridge to name just a few types. Also this breed is kept as a companion animal as well.

The Brittany is a medium-sized dog between 17 and 21 inches in height and between 40 and 50 lbs on average. The coat is medium in length, and can be wavy or straight. This dog has a coat that is usually tri colored, white and orange, black and white or white and liver. The Brittany's coat can be clear patterned or roan. This dog sports expressive amber, hazel or brown eyes, high triangular ears and a medium length muzzle. The Brittany is a well-proportioned dog that is at home hunting game, trotting around a show ring or just being a family dog.

It is extremely important that the Brittany be exercised frequently and handled with firm yet loving discipline. This dog requires regular walks and lots of socialization with people and other dogs. It thrives on training but also has a mind of its own. The Brittany can be wonderful with kids and even other pets like cats, if socialized extensively from puppyhood. Brittany dogs can be rather sensitive and do not respond to punishment that is too harsh. If you are not hunting with your dog, consider agility trials. The Brittany is happy to have something to do, loves to explore and loves to work.

Many breeds of dog are prone to certain health conditions, and the Brittany is no exception. This breed is susceptible to seizures and dysplasia of the hip. Therefore, this is something that should be noted in your dog's file at his or her first vet visit. If your vet is not a dog breed expert speak up about these health issues so your Brittany can be monitored. The expected life span of the Brittany is between 10 and 12 years. However, some dogs may not live that long and others may live substantially longer. It all depends on genetics, care, health issues and other factors. In closing, the Brittany is a perfect small game hunting dog, show dog, agility dog or simply beloved family pet.


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