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Having originated in Germany, the Boxer’s name is rumoured to have been decided through its own boxing actions. The breed has a tendency to fight by standing on its back legs and “punching” with its paws, meaning that The Germans thought that the breed name of Boxer would suit perfectly! The modern Boxer was bred through a cross of the Brabanter and Bulldog and after an exhibition of the breed at a show in 1894; the modern Boxer has become more and more popular with it currently being ranked as the seventh most popular breed in America. Before docking and cropping was made illegal in most countries, it was common for the Boxer to have a docked tail and cropped ears.

Boxers stand between twenty one and twenty five inches, with an average weight of sixty pounds. The most common colors for a Boxer are fawn and brindle, with white markings usually on their stomach and around their feet. The head of this breed is quite distinctive, with the jaw usually quite drooped meaning that the Boxer often looks gloomy. The ears can either be pointed or flopped, and the color of the muzzle usually being in a white or black shade.

The Boxer is a great family dog, with the breed likely to show great affection to its owner. While they are known to get along with other pets, it can take time and no prospective owner should believe that the breed would definitely accept another pet. They are never afraid to defend themselves or they’re owner and for this reason they do not react well to seeing strangers. These defensive attributes mean that the breed can be used as a guard dog, with this being backed up by the fact that the military and police have been known to use it in certain exercises. The Boxer is not the easiest dog to train and if an owner wants an ‘easy’ life so to speak, training needs to start at a young age and a firm stance needs to be taken immediately. They can quite easily become boisterous and mischievous!

There are quite a number of health issues that Boxers are prone to, with various cancers, heart conditions and hip issues all being common. As well as these it’s common for the Boxer to sometimes suffer from being bloated and also intestinal problems. Still, the average life expectancy is relatively normal, with most Boxers living between eleven and fourteen years.


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