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Boston Terrier

Also known as the American Gentleman, the history of the Boston Terrier is quite lengthy. One thing is for sure, the name holds all the clues as to where the breed originated with the Boston Terrier coming from Boston, Massachusetts. However, the original breed was much different to the one we see these days. Originally they were a cross between the English Bulldog and English White Terrier, but over time they were gradually bred down and having also crossed with a French Bulldog at one point, the Boston Terrier was finally created. Many years ago they were pit-fighters, but they have developed significantly and are now one of Americaís most popular dog breeds.

At first look, many people would probably describe the Boston Terrier as a physical and muscular dog. Their whole body is very square like, especially the head which contains a short muzzle. They stand between fifteen and seventeen inches and weigh anywhere between ten and twenty five pounds Ė a long, long way from the forty four pounds they weighed up to originally when they were first developed. Their coat is short and can be in seal, black, black and white, brindle or even brown and white. The ears of the Boston Terrier are quite a feature, standing short, triangular and erect on their head. They have a very short and straight tail which is never cropped.

The popularity of this dog is mainly due to its temperament, with the Boston Terrier displaying all of the attributes which make it a perfect family pet. They get along very well with children and are generally good with other pets as well. They display high levels of intelligence and coupling this with their willingness to learn, they are a very easy dog to train. It would not be a good idea to use this breed as a watchdog as they only tend to bark when itís absolutely necessary. Whatís more, the Boston Terrier is an extremely trusting dog and they have no qualms about befriending strangers, which again highlights why they arenít very well suited to the role of a watchdog. They show lots of affection to everyone around them and while some can be stubborn at times, they make the perfect pet for any type of owner who can dedicate plenty of time towards them.

Most of the health problems that affect the Boston Terrier are related to their eyes. Cherry eye and cataracts are the most common issues although glaucoma, corneal dystrophy, corneal ulcers and dry eye are known to occur as well. The breed is also part of the brachycephalic group, which means they have a smaller head and therefore smaller nasal passages. This means that the dog may snore a lot or make strange breathing noises, but all of these cause no harm whatsoever. Of course, if any owner is concerned they should still ask a veterinarian for their advice immediately. Deafness, heart issues and problems relating to the patella can also be fairly common and need to be looked out for. Despite seemingly having more health concerns than most breeds, the Boston Terrier has a good average life span and most live in excess of fifteen years.


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