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Also known as the Russian Wolfhound, the Borzoi is a member of the sighthound family and as its second name suggests, its original use was that of hunting wolves. While the Russianís primarily used this breed simply to hunt with in the early years, its popularity soon spread and eventually hit Europe. Queen Victoria is thought to have owned one of these dogs, which could well be correct considering the fact that the breed was often used as a gift amongst royalty.

A Borzoi is a tall breed of dog, usually standing at least twenty eight inches tall and generally weighing up to one hundred pounds. It has quite a distinctive look with the main feature being an extremely long yet thin neck, which transfers to a thin head. Itís these sorts of features that make the dog appeal to so many people though, as while they stand tall in size, their physique is impressive and this means that they stand elegantly. In terms of their coat, a lot of people resemble the Borzoi to the Greyhound. They have a long, silky coat which can sometimes be wavy and comes in a whole variety of colors including white, tan and grey.

Their early hunting instincts mean that the Borzoi has a good degree of intelligence, and also loyalty. While they like to bond emphatically with their owners, good training is still needed if they are to be obedient. Itís not recommended for this breed to live with non-canine pets, although on the most part it will be fine with other dogs. In terms of living with children this is something thatís debatable as while the breed gets along fine with older children, it probably wonít be suited to a young child. If any prospective owner wants to take the breed on walks then itís paramount that they are kept on a leash. The hunting instincts of the Borzoi mean that if it gets any sight of another animal it will chase them and due to their speed, it would be very hard for an owner to find them.

As for health concerns, there are not too many to discuss. Bloat is one of the most common problems in the Borzoi and certain forms of cancer can also be evident in the breed. However, generally they are a lively dog who loves to run and exercise. Most live between ten and twelve years, with a select few living towards the fourteen year mark.


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