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Border Collie

Like the majority of dogs, the name of the Border Collie came from its place of origin, with that thought to be in the border country of England and Scotland. Being one of the most intelligent dog breeds around, the dog is still used to handle livestock. As well as this, their high energy levels make them a popular dog to use for sporting activities. They are also used in ring and bench shows, with most events having a lot of Border Collie candidates.

They stand at an average of twenty inches and weigh in at anywhere between twenty seven and forty five pounds, depending on their sex. Taking these figures into account, the Border Collie is often referred to as a medium sized dog. They have a double coat which is usually black and white, although there can be other colour combinations such as red and white. The ears are something that cannot be accurately described, as some Border Collieís have them erect, others semi-erect and some fully dropped.

While Border Collies have always been thought of as working dogs, they are quickly becoming a popular pet. Their huge intelligence levels combined with their outgoing nature makes them the perfect pet for some owners. However, their constant craving for exercise means that some owners simply wonít be able to cope with them. Due to their incredibly high levels of stamina, lotís of exercise is required and failure in this could result in slight personality changes. Undoubtedly, if a prospective owner does not think they will be able to spend much time with their dog, they should look towards other options which donít require as much attention. Also, if someone wishing to keep a Border Collie has dogs of the same sex or children, they should be extremely wary. The Border Collie has been known to be aggressive with dogs of the same sex, and due to itís sensitivity, itís not recommended to live with children.

The Border Collie is expected to live between twelve and fifteen years. During their life, Hip dysplasia, Collie eye anomaly and epilepsy are thought to be the most common health issues. A disease called Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis can also be found in Border Collies which although rare, is very serious and can cause premature death.


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Frances Kosarek
Border Collies are smart and energetic dogs. I love them. I have three and each one of them have different personalities. They are so loving and ready to please you. They were intended for running cattle and sheep, but they are great in other things too. My girl is learning how to play Frisbee and she loves it. They are too smart for their own good. So you have to keep them doing something. Keep their focus positive and build on what they are good at. Consistency is the key to winning the border collie on your team. There is no such thing as a bad dog they only do what you teach them.

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