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Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is one of the most popular dogs of today in the UK, with dog ownerís taking advantage of itís loving, affectionate personality. In the US the story is a little different, with the breed being ranked quite poorly in terms of popularity although it is thought that this rank is continually improving. However, years ago it was used as a working dog, with Scottish shepherds using it to herd their animals. It was in 1989 that people really started to believe that these dogs were far more than just of the working type, with a Bearded Collie going by the long name of ďPotterdale Classic at MoonhillĒ winning the popular dog show Crufts.

The dog is of an average size, with twenty to twenty two inches being the approximate height. They usually weigh anywhere between forty five and fifty five pounds, meaning that they are in good proportion as well. The coat is often kept long and covers the dogís entire body. Unusually though, itís colour can change throughout the course of itís life, with most Bearded Collieís being born with a black coat before it gradually fades to a grey before then darkening again. Being an ancestor of the Old English Sheepdog it has very similar features, including itís head which is broad with a short nose.

The Bearded Collie is extremely friendly and a perfect companion. Itís playful and non-aggressive nature make this breed perfect for households with children. Itís always full of life which means that it ideally needs a good sized yard to play in, although the main requirement it asks for is care and attention. It loves being with humans, which is reinforced by itís constant wagging of the tail.

The ďBeardieĒ as itís most commonly called, has a reasonably long life expectancy with most tipped to live between fourteen and fifteen years. During itís life, the main health problem is usually hip dysphasia, although apart from that they are usually reasonably healthy.


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