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Beagle-type dogs have existed for thousands of years, yet the modern version has only been around since the 1830ís. Itís thought that this breed is one of the most popular around, with the comic strip of Snoopy doing a lot to promote the dog. As well as being popular through literature, the Beagle has also been in the media recently. Itís thought that this breed is one of the most popular to be chosen for animal testing, which has obviously brought a lot of controversy and brought the Beagle dog to light.

The Beagle is often noted as very similar in looks to the Foxhound, with the differences being a broader head and a shorter muzzle. Their height is usually between thirteen and sixteen inches and weight between eighteen and thirty five pounds. On their face, the most distinctive features are the muzzle and eyes - with the muzzle being very square like and the eyes being extremely big in relation to the rest of the head. Their tail is very short and curly and becomes erect when they are active. Many tails of Beagles often have a white tip as well.

The main colour that a Beagle will keep is a light brown, with white usually at the bottom of their body. Still, there are plenty of other possibilities, including tan, lemon and dark brown.

The Beagle isnít regarded as an aggressive dog and has a very gentle temperament. Because of their tendency to warm to strangers quickly, they shouldnít be considered as a guard dog. Instead, many people keep them as pets and make the most of their warm nature. They are very tolerant of children and for this reason make a perfect family pet. However, due to their exceptional ability to pick up a scent, they can be hard to train as they are easily distracted.

Most Beagleís live between twelve and thirteen years. Due to their floppy ears, they can sometimes catch ear infections. Other health problems include epilepsy and eye problems.


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