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Bassett Hound

The Bassett Hound is of French origin, with it’s name being supposedly created through the French word of “bas”. “Bas” means low in France and due to the Bassett Hound’s incredibly short height, it was decided to name them through this. As this breed is so low to the floor, they could pick out scents under thick brush meaning they were perfect as hunting dogs. Still, the French trained them to just trail their targets and not kill them. Hares and rabbits were the two most common types of game that Bassett Hounds were used to track.

The most obvious features to a Bassett Hound are their incredibly tiny legs. Their height can be anywhere between thirty three and thirty eight inches tall and most of this is made up of their main body. For a small dog they are fairly heavy, usually weighing in at anywhere between fifty and seventy pounds. Their coat is smooth and usually short cut and generally comes in the colour combination of black, tan and white. They have very long ears which droop below their face, as well as a long tail which point out and then curve at the end. The Bassett Hound has a lot of excess skin around the face, which causes the face to drop. This means that a lot of the time they look sad, although this is usually not the case and it’s the skin which is faking their emotion.

Renowned for being loyal, the Bassett Hound is also very calm. Their calmness accompanies their eagerness to impress new people, which means they will be fine with strangers and other pets. This breed is very difficult to train though and lot’s of rewards will have to be put on offer if an owner is going to be successful in training. The problem is the Bassett “conveniently” forgetting their training later down the line unless a reward is on offer. If an owner was to leave the breed alone for long periods of time, it would be best to have another pet to accompany the dog. The Bassett Hound simply loves company, and this is also why they are ideal to go into a family home with children.

Bassett Hound’s normally live between eleven and twelve years. Like with most dogs, cancer is an issue with this breed, but other common health problems are arthritis, glaucoma and hip complications.


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