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The Akita, sometimes referred to as the ďAkita InuĒ, originated in Japan. The reason for the ďInuĒ extension is related to itís origination, with it being the Japanese translation for the word ďdogĒ. Recent science experiments have shown that the Akita is one of the worldís oldest breeds and this is one of the reasons why it has such a great history. However, while now itís a popular dog, back in the World War II days it wasnít. Due to the lack of food, the number of Akitaís in Japan dropped significantly and it was thought that at one time just twenty purebreds existing in the country. However, a few years later the numbers slowly increased, with many of the Japanese taking a liking to the dog because of itís large size.

While back then it was considered large, now itís probably considered just above average compared to some breeds! Usually the breed stands between twenty four and twenty eight inches in height and weights in at anywhere between seventy five and one hundred and twenty pounds. Their coat can come in four colours, with those being red fawn, brindle, white and sesame. It has distinct features such as a deep muzzle and small, erect ears.

The Akita is renowned as a great family pet. It shows great loyalty and love to itís owner and shows great patience with children. The bond they have with children is thought to stem back into the Japanese history, with some parents apparently leaving their Akita to watch over their siblings. Obviously this would not be suitable for this day and age, but it does highlight how well they bode with the younger generation. As well as this, the Akita is known to be a very clean dog and rarely makes a mess.

While the Akita is very friendly to itís owner and family, there are issues when it meets people or other animals outside of that circle. The breed likes to be the dominant animal and usually does not get along with other pets and sometimes fights can occur. Also, while it is very affectionate to itís family, itís unusual for an Akita to show any sort of love to an outsider. However, if an Akita is brought up from a young age with another pet, they should learn to live with them just like any other breed.

Itís thought that this breed of dog has an average lifespan of around ten years. The common health issues that affect an Akita are cancer, Canine herpesvirus, Gastric dilatation volvulus and Pemphigus.


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