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Airedale Terrier

Nicknamed the "King of Terriers" because of it’s large size compared to other terriers, the Airedale coincidently originated in the valley of Airedale, in Yorkshire of England. Another name for the breed has been the “Waterside Terrier”, with one of it’s uses being hunting otters.

The coat of the Airedale is similar to that of most terriers. The topcoat is harsh and wiry, with the undercoat completely different in a furry state. If any owner of an Airedale is planning to show their dog, they are advised to groom them through “stripping”. This is where a small knife is used to pull excess hair away, which in turn neatens up the dog’s coat. Most Airedale’s have a black coat, with the rest of the body being in tan. Some can have a dark mixture through the rest of the body, with this being comprised of black, grey and white. In the United States it’s usual that the tail of an Airedale is docked within five days in birth. If the dog is to be shown in the US, this is usually a necessity. The breed stands at around twenty three inches and weighs in between fifty and seventy pounds. As well as being the largest terrier in terms of height, the Airedale also has the largest teeth amongst the group.

While this breed can be stubborn and demanding, they love to please their owner. In regards to other pets they are generally not aggressive, although will hold their own if they are challenged. Like a lot of terriers, they are superb dogs for a family, getting on great with children of all ages. Another use is as a guard dog, but most owners prefer them as just a family pet.

The main health concern for this breed is hip dysplasia, along with dermatitis which is common in a lot of forms of terriers. Skin problems can also be an issue, with dietary imbalances often being the cause of this. The average lifespan is around twelve years.


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