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As the name mildly suggests, the Affenpinscher originated from Germany around the 17th century. In German, “affe” stands for Monkey so this dog is referred to as the “Monkey Dog” in its native country. It was bred with the aim of creating a “ratter” dog, which means a breed that will hunt rodents from areas such as kitchens and granaries. The breed was first a farm dog but has changed immensely over the last few centuries. Many people opted to use it as a watchdog yet nowadays; the most common use is just as a companion.

The size of this breed can vary quite a lot with some Affenpinscher’s standing at ten inches while others can be even taller at fifteen inches – which is quite a difference for a small pet. Most weigh quite similarly though with the average being around 7-8 pounds. The coat of this breed is described as harsh and it becomes longer and shaggier around the head. Generally, coats come in black or a dark grey color, although tan and red can also be there. Facially, many people believe this looks like a monkey, hence the German name! The body is square although the head is rounded and generally has a similar look to that of a Terrier.

The Affenpincscher is quite the character and loves to play and mess around. Despite their playful nature, they are courageous and this is one of the reasons why people have used them as watchdogs in the past. Generally, the breed gets along fine with other pets in the house although children could be another matter. They require stern training as otherwise they become the leader of the house, and having children around can sometimes override this style. Should the owner fail to train this dog correctly, there’s a chance that aggressive traits can become evident.

This breed isn’t prone to any serious health issues, with fractures being the most common injury associated with the Affenpinscher. Although the breed likes to exercise, it will do fine indoors although regulating room temperature is essential as the breed is sensitive to warm conditions. Despite not having many apparent health problems the average lifespan of this breed isn’t the greatest, with most living between ten and twelve years.


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I just love this breed of dog. They are the most loyal and loving animal i have ever owned.

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