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Schuff Veterinary Hospital

Zip: 54568
Phone: 715-356-7737

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We first met Dr. Schuff when we were on vacation, and our dog had an allergy flare up. He checked with our vet at home and prescribed the needed medication in a very short time. When we moved he became our vet, no question.

He likes the animals far more than their people, I think, but he is very professional. He will tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not. He is sensitive to the financial hardships of the family involved. He doesn't order tests unless they are really needed, and they make sense.

His staff is VERY kind and helpful. The fact that he hires such capable people to work with him and there is no turnover speaks volumes.

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Gary Beier
R.J. Schuff has taken care of our pets for many years. He and his staff are very caring, kind, and his prices are reasonable.

Our last pet, a toy poodle named Gus, was killed by a coyote yesterday, so we won't be seeing Dr. Schuff until we get another dog.

We will certainly continue to consider him "our vet".

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No way would I go anywhere near this place again. First time, my dog escaped through a window screen and somebody picked him up and took him there. They called me, and when I got there to pick him up, I was told I'd need to pay for an exam and full set of vaccinations before they'd release him. And he was wearing his collar and tags...was current on all via my regular vet. Second time, he was on call as the local emergency guy in their rotation...I had a dog in need of an emergency C-section. He hemmed and hawed, said he was pretty busy (at 5 am?) and told me it would cost at least $2000. A good friend of mine called him later to ask the price for a C-section, and was told $600. I have no idea if he's a good veterinarian or not...but their people skills and business accumen sent me running, never to return.

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Sirius Dayton
Dr. Schuff is fantastic!! Very thorough, explains everything.

Very clean, reasonable fees, and the waiting room isn't crowded.

Highly recommended!

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