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Low Cost Pet Clinic

Zip: 77022
Phone: 713-694-6257

Review Count: 4
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Gal Taz
I have been using this Vet since 96 and They have never failed Me. Every pet anybody in My Family has goes to Low Cost. Ferretts, rescued Rottweillers, kittens, you name it. I luv the people that work there. Now I gave The Dr.'s, service, price and Staff a 5* rating but the building and the parking sucks!!!!!!! But I vow that if I win the Lottery I will build Them a facility! Their worth it!!

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I took my chihuahua on Monday, and was diagnosed with Parvo. I decided to go with the home treatment because I didn't have the $350 (4 days) to hospitalize him. Prices are extremely low, I was charged $85 ($15 office visit, $35 parvo test, $35 parvo treatment.) I've been taking him every day for $10/day for antibiotics and fluids. They are closed today, so I'm taking him to PetCare Express for his treatment. I would say they are amazing, but I gave them 4 stars because of parking.

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Joanne Bussell
I found a great low-cost wellness clinic when we adopted Thomas, a kitten who appeared on our patio for dinner one evening, and never left. The clinic is west of Beltway 8 on Westheimer, on the outbound side. The doctor said that, since we did a good thing for Thomas, he would give us a discount on Thomas' vaccinations and neutering fee. We took care of Thomas for $84.00, and that fee included his antibiotic and pain med. The doctor was so kind and helpful. And, Thomas liked him too!

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Labhoula owner
I've been taking my puppy here since he was 6 weeks. He is 3 months now. I really love their service. They take the puppies first as they don't want the lil ones to wait. Very friendly staff and absolutely affordable fees. I would recommend this clinic to anyone and I already have to my friends.


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