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Zip: 37742
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Private Viewer
I have always heard good things about PPAWS in the past. Everyone comments on how nice they are and how they are so reasonably priced. Reasonably priced? YES! Nice? Absolutely not! Due to pricing we took my dog there to get neutered. When we went to pick him up the ladies up front were very rude! Not only that but my dog was still very drowsy from surgery and the lady hooked a leash to him and drug him outside to us. I was furious!! If you are in that profession you need to respect animals period! As soon as we got our dog he trotted over to the grass and peed four times. In other words, They did not let him out at all to use the bathroom. I will not go back to this place and I recommend that no one else does either! My dog has been in so much pain and I am now having to double my money to get him help now when I could of just stayed with my vet in the beginning. Incision site looks awful and doesn't even look like they closed him up correctly! I am very upset with them!

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I only come here or where they recommend. Even though it is 66 mile round trip. Excellent service knowledgeable staff and helps to save us money in these hard times. After bill gas and Donations we still save money. Our family consist of man, woman, child, 8 snakes, 5 chinchillas, 2 ferrets, guinea pig, hamster, 12 chickens, 6 hermit crabs, 2 cats, red nose pit, Chihuahua, a mutt (respectfully), and a partridge in a pear tree. We love our family and we love ppaws. . . Thank you. . .

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Diane Goldman
If there were a 10 rating that's what I would select.

I am getting a golden retriever thru ppaws and Debbie has been spectacular. She will even meet us in NC to deliver our new "baby". She has been so wonderful I cannot say enough about her and ppaws.

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First off, I would like to say that I heard good things about this place. I felt comfortable in taking my dog there because of that and the staff at the time were very nice and friendly. If I had suspected any of this I would have just waited and saved my money for proper care.

PPaw in greenback is who I am referring to. They are a low cost spay and neuter clinic.

I do not recommend PPAW because of how they treated my dog and how they handled my issue. They and I kept this quiet till now. I feel that everyone needs to know. Itís unfortunate with how many animals they do a day that there will always be some mishaps.

Here is what happened:

My dog was the last one taken in so he was the last to be operated on. When I went for pick up, he was in a crate quaking. Yes quaking, more than just shivering or shaking. I thought "Oh my god, heís in pain." He steps out of the crate and immediately starts peeing. He pees for 5 mins. Yes, he was in pain, he was holding his bowels. He hates being in his own mess. When we lived in an apartment he did this once when we couldnít get home to him soon enough. When we stepped outside he couldn't wait to get to the grass to poop. He pooped on the pavement. And this is a picky dog where he poops. . .he wonít poop on wet grass when it's raining. . .he is a character but we love him.

While he was peeing and we are standing there like oh my god, the vet tech (or help) politely mumbled something like, "Owners usually take their dogs out before they come in." We did let him into the fence off the line for 20 mins before we left. That was the reason we were late and the last ones in. It's dangerous for us to let him into the yard off the line because he likes to jump the fence. Unfortunately, he probably did not eliminate himself completely.

When I called the PPAW receptionist about this particular issue, she first told me, "Do you know how many animals we do a day, we don't have time to walk them." You don't necessarily have to walk them, but to at least give every animal the opportunity for a minute to pee or do what they want. Our dog would have peed anywhere but in his space. Her next excuses were, "Itís too dangerous after the surgery to take them out." "Some animals don't know how to walk on a leash." Cats I understand -- litter box. Dogs. . .you can buy those or make your own dog-noose-leashes all vets have. It just seems like commonsense to let dogs eliminate before surgery. I dropped him off at 9.30, he was operated on 1.35 and was ready to go home at 4.35. 7 hours and no relief. How would you feel?


While we were outside I noticed a swelling on his KNEE, bigger than a dollar coin. So, I went in and asked why he had a lump on his knee. They said it might be his rabies. And I said they usually do it in their hip area. So, we waited to see their vet. She was friendly and gave a wonderful explanation. It was in fact his rabies, and she said "We usually do it in their thigh. . .". . .because there is a possible on site cancer (she gave some estimate statistics. 1 in 1000 or 10000 or something). . ."if you do it in the lower part of the leg you can save the dog." So, even the Ppaw vet agreed that it was not suppose to have been in his knee. I told my own vet and she was appalled that they did it in his knee area. There isn't much there but skin, bone and ligaments. I just hope he doesn't have issues with that leg later. When I told the PPAW receptionist that they had done it in his knee she yelled, "How do YOU know it was in his knee!?!" so I yelled, "Beeeccaauuseee he had a HUGE welt there! And I talked to your vet."


When I took my dog to my vet 2 days later because he was in soo much pain he wanted to dash everywhere and cried in pain whenever I tried to make him go slower, because I thought it would hurt less, the vet said that one issue is he has razor burn really bad. Okay so razor burn happens, but the thing is he had a lot of stubble there. More hair than there should be in two days. So basically PPAW gave him razor burn without properly and completely shaving his area. . ..wow. And his incision is amateur. It looks as if they let someone practice. Which practice is okay, as long as it all is done properly. Even my vet agreed this with me.

Last issue, they never told me they didn't or did give pain meds. I would have paid for him to be more comfortable for that day. I asked if he could be given some by them after it all cause he looks like he was in pain and the woman yelled at me "Absolutely not!!" yes she yelled. This is the same woman who whistles for the vet tech (or help) to take the dogs. Disrespectful much? Maybe the girl doesn't mind :/

How they handled the whole thing:

When I called and asked for a refund on my donation of $25.00 (I know not much, I just feel they did my dog too wrong and don't deserve it.) The woman made excuses and at the end of the phone call said that she would have the director call me. I waited about a week or more and called back. I explained the issue to another lady, who was MUCH nicer than the first woman, and she said she would have the director contact me. Well I got a 3 page letter from the director. She didnít understand my concerns all the way, Which if she had called me herself and not only listened to her employees then she would've understood my complaint more. But she didn't.

Oh and the director said that if I could afford to take my dog to the vet afterwards and spend $100 then why didn't I just go to them in the first place. What is it your business if you feel I could afford that? Why Are you all so quick to judge? I don't make above your poverty limit. And no I donít have cable. I'm 21 and a college student. And of course I'm waiting to hear your probably spending your money on alcohol or something. Again none of your business. I work a full time job and I have no time for that between that and school.

Anyways, after they made my dog hurt because of no pain meds, making him wait 7 hours with full bowels, the rabies shot in his knee, the unprofessional prep (razor burn and still having a lot of stubble) and the unprofessional operation they tell me today that I don't deserve my money back. Well, I don't deserve the money I worked hard for? Interesting. PPAW is very unprofessional. To clarify to my very first time getting cable and it's like 50 with the Internet.

Yes I paid to take my dog to my "regular" vet to get pain meds and antibiotics because I signed a paper saying you are not liable and it said take to your full service vet for additional care. Serving like that anyways. You all refused me any pain meds when I asked for gem afterward because he looked like he was hurting. Just because I paid 100 for that doesn't mean I had the money. That is my saving in case something happened to my dogs, cars or whatever.

Also the director believes I said "abused" no that is what your employee said. I said mistreated. And that my suggestions for PPAW take the time to let dogs out for a minute, do proper care and never rush the last surgery. If you canít handle that with the amount of animals you do everyday then DON'T do THAT many animals in a day! You are still going to get business even if you don't do the same amount.

My best wishes for those who have no choice to go there. If you can, save your money for a better place.

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tennie french
the workers at ppaws make it a wonderful place they. are very helpful at all times. debbie has even returned my calls in am hours. trudy has helped get stray dogs adopted. i canít think of all their names but they all are very helpful. they have fixed so many stray cats for me. thanks a lot

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Last year I brought my brothers very-very large Rotweiller in for some care. My brother had become disabled and could not care for "Boy-Boy" the people @ the Clinic were Wonderful they took such gentle care w/Boy-Boy and you would have thought he was the only Big guy in the place. No words can ever express my deep appreciation for all their loving care :)

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