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Hosket Veterinary Service Dvm

Zip: 45387
Phone: 937-767-7422

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Dr. Hosket has been taking care of my family's horses, multiple dogs, cats, rabbits, and various other critters for over 20 years. For you old timers, Dr. Hosket went into practice with Dr. Smith, then remained when Dr. Smith retired. Dr. Smith had an "All Creatures Great & Small" type personality, and Dr. Hosket, his partner and successor fits the same mold. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, I could add a lot of other desirable traits to describe his care and ability. His receptionist is exceedingly helpful and friendly also. I do not live in Yellow Springs, but will gladly travel there to get the level of care he provides.

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I've been taking my dog and cats to Dr. Hosket since 2004 and I've never had a problem with him. He's the ONLY vet I've been to that will examine my small 20lb dog on the floor because he is afraid of slick surfaces and the height of the exam table (chalk that up to a previous vet examining him as a puppy and allowing him to jump off the exam table and bruising his nose).

Hosket was the only vet who was willing to give my dog homeopathic treatment for his frequent bladder infections after he was neutered as a puppy. The previous 3 vets kept giving him antibiotics and said that was the only way to fix his problems but as soon as the round of antibiotics ended, his problems came back. This went on for three months. One round of homeopathic treatment and my dog hasn't had bladder issues since (he's 7 now), and has had no reason to be taken to a vet aside from a tick bite 2 years ago, and a dew claw removal due to injuring it while playing in the woods.

My 12year old cat has been there two times (once she quit eating, and a few months ago she started over grooming and caused a bald spot on her belly) and the issue was resolved both times on the first visit.

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I cannot begin to describe my despise for this "man" (that term is used lightly...)... My cat, who was the sweetest angel you could ever meet, was deathly sick to the point where he would not eat or drink other than what I force fed him... I took him to Hosket because he was -supposed- to be cheaper. Not only is that not true, but he is also a complete IDIOT. He gave my cat a full exam and did blood work... and told us the -only- thing he could find was that my cat was anemic. A week more of suffering and I woke up to hearing my cat's death rattle... I rushed him to Noll and Noll gave him the same physical exam and IMMEDIATELY felt an abnormal lump in my cat's abdomen... Noll did X-rays and there was A TUMOR THE SIZE OF MY F*ING FIST ON HIS LIVER AND HOSKET COULD NOT FEEL IT DURING THE EXAM. Thanks to Hosket, my poor sweet angel had to SUFFER for an ENTIRE WEEK because of Hosket's stupidity - had he found it, my cat would have been put out of his misery and pain that day instead of having to suffer a whole week more... Needless to say, I would not take a FLEA to Hosket. If any of you who read this love your pets, you wouldn't, either.......

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Very knowledgeable and caring. Saw my pet in a late night emergency...saved her life with his diagnosis and treatment

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sarah lovely
Dr Hosket is very good. He was soo compassionate when my puppy passed away. His prices are good and his assistant/receptionist is very friendly and has a great knowledge of animals as well! They have the kind of small town vet relationship that is missing in most vet offices. They know you and your animals and have good service.

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Dr. Hosket Veterinary has always been helpful and informative. They saw with an emergency call the same day. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Dr. Hosket has been taking care of my cats for years. He's terrific. He doesn't try to jack up prices with unnecessary stuff, and he's very good with my crazy cats, especially my very temperamental female, Cleopatra. I think he's terrific.

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I recently moved to the area and was very hesitant about locating a new vet for my companions. I moved from an upscale city that excels in customer service so my expectations are very high. Dr. Hosket was very detailed, understanding and knowledgeable. After many "interviews" to find the right fit, I am pleased to have him take care of my furry friends.

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This vet was rude and incompetent. I cannot begin, in such a short space, to list the mistakes he made and the insults he yelled at me when I tried to discuss the issues. I am lodging an official complaint.

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Excellent vary reliable great service and low prices compared to other vets

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