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Crago Veterinary Clinic

Address: 7077 West Blvd
Zip: 44512
Phone: 330-726-0068

Review Count: 12
User Rating:
(4.33 average)

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I have taken my pets to Crago vet clinic for the last 6 yrs. I always thought Dr. Tom was a great vet until recently. My cat was diagnosed with cancer and instead of giving us the truth, he gave us false hope. He said we had 8 weeks and our cat died in 2. Additionally when we frantically called to bring our pet in the day he died, we were told if we couldn’t get there by 5:30, we couldn't come. We would have gotten there at 5:40. No one would stay. We had to go to the Animal Hospital in Girard and wait in their parking lot until they opened at 6:00pm. I will never take a pet to Crago vet clinic again.

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Absolutely the best of the best in Boardman, Ohio. Drs. Scott and Zipay took care my pets since about 1986. They helped them through diabetes, cushings disease, kidney failure - just to name a few of the worst. They are compassionate and really care about your animals. I moved away about 4 yrs ago and miss them terribly. A specialty clinic in Mt.Pleasant, SC killed my dog this pass Nov. I just had a serious situation with one of my dogs that I spoke to Dr. Scott about as vet here couldn't figure out what was wrong. You folks are so lucky to have this vet clinic for your pets. These drs. are awesome. I would trust them with my life.

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animal lover pa
I have gone to Crago for about 15 years and have seen Drs. Bancroft, Kneen and Scott and have always had a wonderful experience with them. They did the best possible for my dog but the cancer got the best of her. When it came down to put her down, Dr. Bancroft stayed open so that we could get there in the evening and was unbelievable that night with our family. People doctors should take some pointers from them. I now live further into PA and I drive the extra mileage to come to this clinic. They should be the model for all vets.

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I was told to go see Dr Tom by many people, money thing I think not. My dog has a mass in her chest, he gave me my options and told me to pursue this further would be a very evasive surgery and very costly with no guarantee that it would make a difference, we decided to make her happy and comfortable I feel he gave his expert opinion and for that I'm happy he didn't try and get me to put her through any testing in which he could have I just met Dr Tom for the first time and would go back to him with any other pet. I thank him for his honesty.

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John Bartoletti
It was our first visit, we live in PA. An hour and half away we went there for a second opinion for our dog and the staff was outstanding compared to we was going and never will go back to. I will gladly drive my other dog to Crago. Thank you very much

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Dr Zipay is the Best of the Best - You dont get any better than him..if he leaves I leave..he has cared for my pets for a number of years and is the most caring compassionate vet I have ever known plus he is so versed in what the animal needs......I will never go to another vet as long as Dr Zipay practices....I only trust him with my animals!!!!

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We have gone to Crago clinic for 27 years. They have the best vet care in the area. The facility is very clean and staff helpful. Over the years they have cared for 9 of our dear dogs. Dr. Scott has cared for our animals as though they were his own and has gone above and beyond for us.

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george birocco
best veterinary clinic in the tristate area. we live 50 miles away and would not go anywhere else. the vets are the best you will find anywhere.

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Cousins June 4, 2011
We spent thousands of dollars here and when it came down to the final analysis of our beloved Josephine, Dr. Scott failed us and she died.

After many years, their decisions are financially motivated.

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M. Judge
I don't think you could find any better care for your pet than Crago Veterinary Clinic. When I moved back to this area and asked friends for a vet, they all suggested Crago's. Personally I see Dr. Bancroft with my cat Putter, who has a heart condition. The care he receives is outstanding. Because of his heart condition he also is seen by Dr. Paglia and Putter loves both of these Dr.'s. The warmth and caring of these two individuals is a reflection of the entire staff at Crago's. They really care for and about their furry little patients.

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EA Glasgow
Dr. Kneen has been my favorite vet in the Youngstown area for many years. Our family had originally chosen Crago's because of Dr. Crago's kindness to our first family dog Gus, and both Dr. Kneen and Dr. Zipay have extended this humanitarian behavior in the later generation of Crago vets. Dr. Kneen has been thorough in his examinations and kind to both the pets and owners in his charge. He keeps up communication with the family better than any of my own physicians ever have, and has suggested alternative treatments even in the most dire cases. My great respect for Dr. Kneen stems much from his gentle treatment of my pets during the last moments of their lives and his willingness to follow up with his patient's conditions once they have left the office. My last trip to Crago's occurred when neither of the vets my cat Humbaba was seeing in State College could take care of some dental concerns that needed to be addressed immediately. Crago's took her with with less than 24 hours notice and Dr. Kneen oversaw her surgery himself.

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Thad Wright
They are great; professional, and caring. My family has been with Crago Vet. Clinic for many years and will for many years to come!

I would, and do, recommend this facility to anyone looking for a reliable vet. clinic.

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