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Jobs Peak Veterinary Hospital

Address: 1454 Southgate Dr
Zip: 89410
Phone: 775-782-2584

Review Count: 9
User Rating:
(3.67 average)

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Kelly B
I was really nervous trying a new Vet after my other vet passed away! I am so impressed with Jobs Peak Vet Hospital. Dr, MacCacabe and Staff was amazing. Very friendly. I love my Kitty Harley so much and they took such great care of her.

Dr. MacCabe Came out when I picked her up and told me what to do after she was spayed. Also, called me the next day and sent me a card. I so recommend this office to all!

btw, first shots and Spay was very reasonable!

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Susan Polly
My experience with Dr. Vandermay and the staff at Jobs Peak has been nothing but phenomenal. He helped me with the decisions regarding my aging dogs and all of their needs, from diagnosing my gals diabetes and getting her insulin levels normalized and the cancer surgery, both of them benefited and managed to live to 15 & 16 years old. When it was time to cross the rainbow bridge it was so helpful to have all the staff treat me as one of the family. We all cried together. No other vet will ever get my business.

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I saw Dr Vandermay when I took my dog in. She has had Thyroid problems (known from a previous vet in Eastern NV) The Doc did recheck her blood work as she hasn't been checked in 2 years to be sure the dosage she is receiving is adequate. Very kind and good with my dog that does not like People! She ate a treat out of his hand!

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I am so sorry that you had such an awful experience with Dr. Mcabe. I had a very similar experience with having to call Dr. McCabe in the middle of the night. But I found him to be just the opposite. He has always been a wonderful vet and since this was an unexpected cost he totally worked with me. He is open to any question you have and is always honest with you. He truly cares about animals and is very thorough. When you are so upset you become way more sensitive to others.

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Dr. Stephen Mac Cabe at Job's Peak was the rudest, most unprofessional, inept veterinarian I have ever met. This review is going to be a bit long, but it would be unjust to make the previous statement without a good explanation. If you are considering Job's Peak, please read this review.

At 8pm my 13 year old diabetic poodle, who I will call "C", had a seizure, followed by Idiopathic Vestibular Syndrome, a temporary disorder which causes the dog's head to tilt dramatically to one side and throws his equilibrium off so severely, he is unable to stand up. I knew nothing of IVS at the time and I was scared to death. I thought he had a stroke.

"Job's Peak" was listed as an all night emergency vet, and it was close to my regular vet, who I would go to the following morning.

When Dr. Cabe arrived, I was standing in the dark parking lot, holding my dog. As he got out of his truck, I said "Thank you so much for coming." Without comment, he briskly walked past me, curtly said "Come in", as he was unlocking the door, which he didn't even hold for me and my dog, He quickly walked through the front office, into the examining room, as I trailed behind he pointed at the metal exam table and said "Put him there." as he kept walking to the room past the exam room.

When he returned, as I was holding C close to me on the table and explaining to him what happened, he put his hand on C's mouth and C flinched back in pain. Without telling me, he had just stuck C in the lip to check his blood sugar

C was already unable to stand, and at that point he began to shake. Cabe told me he would need to put C on a diazepam (valium) drip and take various blood tests.

I politely told him I wanted my own vet, who I have been seeing for 10 years, to do his blood work. I absolutely agreed to put him on the diazepam so he would be calm and hopefully not seize again, but as I said on the phone, I wanted C to be checked, treated and in a safe place until I could get him to our vet first thing the next morning.

Cabe's mood actually took a turn for the worst. First he told me C was seizing right then (I've had a dog that had seizures and I also know my dog. I knew he wasn't seizing.). He said C was seizing because he was shaking. I said C was just scared and actually took C outside to show Cabe he stopped shaking. Even angrier, Cabe then said I had to sign a statement saying he was not responsible for C since I refused his recommended treatment (blood tests?!). I said fine, although at this point I was beginning to distrust this man who seemed to care so little for my own or my dog's feelings or even our well-being. He had yet to ask C's name.

After signing his hand written statement, I asked what kind of kennel C would be kept in. Cabe showed me a cage with a grated floor and folded towels on top of it. I wanted to make sure C would be given a towel to sleep on (glad I asked). Cabe said the dogs are not given anything to sleep on because they chew on the towels. I assured him C would not chew on the towel, he doesn't even chew his stuffed toys. Cabe said "They all chew on their towels when they're here. So we don't give them towels to sleep on".

I said (still, very polite) "Ok. Can you just give me the diazepam to give to C, because I'm just going to take him home now and I'll take him to his vet first thing in the morning."

He left the room and came back with a vial. I was a little confused, throughout this entire visit, he had yet to tell me anything he was doing. I thought I was going to have to give him shots (I do give him insulin injections), so I asked if I couldn't give him pills instead. He said pills wouldn't work for seizures, he asked me if I had a problem with blood, then he stuck the needle in C's arm. I was holding C, not knowing what to expect, and the medicine hit him so hard, so quickly, he hit his head on the metal table.

I totally panicked. It was like he was putting him down. I frantically asked if he had given him too much.

In a "cold as ice" voice, while he was calmly putting his stuff away, not even looking at me or C, Cabe said "No, he's fine." He didn't bother to check his vitals.

C began flailing, unable to hold his head up, but conscious and panicky. It felt like he was slipping away in my arms. Since Cabe had not told me what to expect and I was really scared. I asked again "Are you sure it's not too much for him?"

He said "He's fine. Why don't you go wrap him in his blanket while I make up your bill."

So, by myself, I walked out to my truck, and tried to lay him on the front seat, but, even though he was totally out of it, he was trying to move and I was afraid he would hurt himself. So I carried him back in and asked one more time if he was going to be OK.

I swear to God, Cabe yelled at me. YELLED! "That's the fourth time you asked me if he is going to be OK!"

Alright. I am an Air Force veteran and I'm tough. I rarely cry and even rarer in public. But after all that, I just couldn't help it. I broke down and said "You don't understand how much I love this dog. I'm just worried. Could you please give me the bill so I can pay and leave?"

He told me it would be $238 and it was all I could do to keep from throwing the money at him. I had to ask twice for a receipt and what he gave me was a photo copy of the statement he had me sign with the words "Paid in full" on it.

I am not mentioning my vet's name because I do not want to drag her into this ugliness and I do not want anyone to think this is a plug for her practice, but trust me, there is an outstanding, kind vet to be found in the Carson Valley. When I told her what happened, her response was typical of her dignified, professional demeanor. She said nothing against Dr. Cabe she just focused on getting C healthy ASAP. And even the new young vet in her office, immediately, within the first 15 minutes of being there, recognized IVS in C.

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I have been taking my cats to Dr. McCabe for many years. He has shown compassion through the loss of two of my pets and has extended the quality and length of life of another one that has kidney disease. He believes the same as I do that quality of life for the pet is most important. I will always take my pets to him.

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Ron Nelson
I have used this office since coming to Nevada several years ago. I am on SS and not able to withstand large vet bills. In the past they have been very accommodating, however the whole attitude in this office has changed from what it was before. I asked for a payment arrangement again and was told not to bring my pet in until I could pay the entire amount. Needless to say they are not the only vets in this valley.

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I cannot tell you how grateful I am to this vet office. My family lives on a very tight budget. I had to save up some money to have my new kitten fixed. However, there was an unexpected problem and he was going to have to have a more extensive surgery. One vet office quoted me over $450.00 to have it done, but Job’s Peak has much higher morals for the animals unlike the other vet office. I will be taking all of my animals to Job’s Peak Veterinary hospital from this point on.

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Do not trust this veterinarian. They always advise you to do the most expensive treatment and with my dog they were actually going to do an unnecessary surgery on my dogs toe. Fortunately I got a second opinion. It would have cost me several hundreds of dollars when all he needed was one stitch in his cuticle.

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