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Animal Medical Center Of Lindstrom

Address: 30493 Broadway St
Zip: 55045
Phone: 651-257-5052

Review Count: 13
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Fantastic clinic. They have a very balanced approach and talk through all the options. I couldn't ask for better care for my pets, and the staff's bedside manner in the really difficult times is without equal. They are the greatest.

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Mary Fiebiger
This is the most fantastic Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Peterson and Dr. Johanson take time with your pets; actually care what happens to them. They take time to answer multiple questions. They kept our beloved Germand Shephard/Cocker Mix, Samantha going for almost 16 years. We were blessed with good medical care and it is so important to trust those who take care of our pets as they are family. The office staff are so helpful, courteous, genuinely love animals; are knowledgeable about veterinary care. This is really the most fantastic vet clinic - I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else other than the U of M for specialized services which is also excellent.

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Wonderful! I was referred here by my brother in law who happens to be very particular about his dog....

I had 2 Unique experiences with this vet, both were Thorough, complete, and they took their time with the cats....I'll be bringing my kittens in for their shots and another cat for her spay...WORTH the drive and worth the time...and the call backs are great, not to mention a very sweet Christmas card with their famous one eyed cat :)

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This is a wonderful vet! They take the time to get to know your animals & their situation. And the follow up calls are fantastic.

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Jean and Buzz
We are so fortunate to have Dr Jon as our vet. A friend recommended him years ago. I just read all the wonderful reviews and they are all true. He has been such a blessing when we needed help with our dogs.

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Vicki Tintes
My Husband and I have been bringing our pets to Animal Medical Clinic of Lindstrom since Dr Jon opened his practice. Dr Jon and his staff have taken care of all our animals for many years. I live in the southern Twin Cities and it is so worth the drive, I would not have it another way. Dr Jon and his staff are always so pleasant, they always take time to explain things, they are very informative, and take such great care of our animals. They all have my complete trust! The clinic is open convenient hours and is very nice and clean. The care that is given is outstanding! Thank you all for all you do!

Vicki and Scott Tintes

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Dr. Jon Peterson and the staff at A.M.C. of lindstrom are the best ever. We had been going there for over 9 years. We had 3 dogs. We just lost our last dog to cancer a couple weeks ago. They are very very kind and caring. When we get another dog we will for sure go there again. I would strongly recommend Animal medical center of Lindstrom to anyone who is looking for a GREAT Vet.

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This vet clinic is great! They are so good at showing care and concern for animals and are exceptionally patient with panicked cats. The resident cats that they have kept around the office are sweet as can be and we just love getting Christmas photo cards with said cats on them each year. Dr. Peterson and his staff are so awesome with our pets!

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Wade Tate
Dr. Peterson has been the veterinarian for my parent's dogs for a number of years. He is thorough in his diagnostic plans, presents a number of options to his clients regarding diagnostics and therapy, has been personable and compassionate when dealing with end of life issues. He practices what I would consider quality medicine. I had the opportunity to visit his hospital this past week and found the facility to be clean, well staffed, and well equipped. Why does my opinion matter when Dr. Peterson cares for my parent's pets? Because I am a veterinarian myself. I would recommend Dr. Peterson to others based on my family's experience.

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I think this vet is AWESOME. I have taken my cats there now for 11 years. I had a cat that needed to be put down and they were the best help in helping me with that decision. They are the best vets, they truly care about the animals that come in there. They calm the animal down before they start anything with them. My cats love this vet and I will continue to go with him even though I also drive an hour one way.

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We had many bad experiences with another vet in Wyoming, both my husband and I were referred to the Animal Medical Center of Lindstrom from two totally different people. Although it is a little far for us, we decided to try them. We have been using them for over a year now and are very pleased with the services provided. Everyone has been great.

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This was one of the best experiences I have had with a vet clinic. Each member of the team was friendly and personable. They took the time to explain what was needed or what was going to be done and was very understanding in regards to personal budget constraints. There is no doubt that I would recommend (and I have recommended) this vet clinic to others.

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I would rate this clinic as a '10' if that were an option, truly they are that good! Our first experience was with a Dalmatian that had bladder stones, and would have died without immediate surgery. We had taken him to a different clinic in Blaine, and they had quoted us a price for the surgery well over twice what this clinic had. We were nervous about whether our best friend would receive adequate care based on the fact that the price for surgery was so much lower, but we made the decision to go ahead and try this clinic.

The level of care was TWICE that of the other clinic, honestly. Dr Jon, and all the employees really are GREAT - they understand how close people are to their pets, they really do care, they take the time to answer all of your questions, and most importantly, they take good care of your pet. This is the first vet that our dogs really liked - they weren't afraid or anxious after the first trip. Both of our dogs got old, and very ill, and both had to be euthanized. We were total wrecks, but the vet and staff really do understand, and make a horrible experience as easy as possible for both pet, and the owners

I wouldn't take my pets ANYWHERE else, even if this clinic cost me twice what any other did, honestly. We drive an hour each way, and it's worth every minute and mile...if you need a REALLY GOOD vet, you couldn't possibly go wrong by going to the Animal Medical Center!

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