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Weaver Loren Dvm

Address: 63111 Peck Academy Rd
Zip: 49042
Phone: 269-435-8754

Review Count: 4
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(4.75 average)

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C hakken
In my opinion Dr. Weaver saved our dog. She injured her back and was paralyzed. We tried steroid therapy and it did not work. He examined her performed an adjustment with acupuncture and said we would see improvement in a few days. In two days she was walking. Within a month she was back to normal. I would highly recommend Dr. Weaver he is amazing!

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Connie Kramer
I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr, Weaver about 15 years ago. Not only did Dr. Weaver treat my severely dysplastic, 100lb GSD who had one rear leg completely hitched up..to avoid surgery and live comfortably for 14 years, he also treated one of my other GSDs, and 3 of my Yorkies..Several of the Yorkies in my rescue have benefited from his care as well. The man walks on water! (-:

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Dana Peake
After 4 or 5 treatments, my paralyzed dog was able to live a normal life. This man is a God send!

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D. Mather
DVM Loren Weaver is, in my opinion, an excellent vet. Our dog had been playing with another dog, and got T-boned by the other dog. She started limping on a different foot each day, and was clearly in discomfort. After three trips to our regular vet, we were told to start cortisone shots on our dog. I asked if there were any chiropractic vets in our area, and Dr.Weaver was recommended. Dr. Weaver did one chiropractic adjustment on our dog, followed by an acupuncture treatment. Our dog has had absolutely no problem since that time, and is back to her sweet playful self. Dr. Weaver is absolutely the best.

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