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Sebasticook Animal Clinic

Address: Grove Hl
Zip: 04967
Phone: 207-487-5521

Review Count: 1
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Dr. Orr has a natural ability to win the trust of dogs and cats, they just love him because he loves them. He's the best doctor I have ever worked with and an amazing surgeon, I've seen him fix dogs that other vets wouldn't have even considered doing anything but putting to sleep. One dog, a 6 month old lab that had escaped from a fenced yard was hit by a logging truck, I've never seen a dog so broken, totally broken and was surprised when the owners asked to try to save him. One leg was totally amputated, his skull was crushed, broken muzzle, broken ribs, one rib punctured a lung, three broken legs (the 4th was amputated), broken pelvis, to make a very long, 6 month story and at least 9 surgeries the dog walked out of the clinic on all 4 legs, coming in for a follow up visit later if you didn't look for it you wouldn't even notice the slight limp.

Dr. Orr has clients that will actually travel from other states to bring their dogs to him for anything more complicated than vaccines since they only trust him. He is the absolute best veterinarian that I have ever seen and you would not ever be sorry entrusting him with your pet's health care!!!!

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