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Best Friends Animal Hospital

Address: 2270 Rome Rd SW
Zip: 30701
Phone: 706-629-5060

Review Count: 9
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Dr.Sexton and husband/administrator Peter put on a very good front. We scheduled our first visit for our newly acquired ragdoll kittens and were told what would be done and amount expected. The amount changed drastically upon receiving the bill when leaving. O.k. shame on me! We rescheduled the next appointment for the very next week to have them spayed and neutered as well as declawed. We were given a quote of the charges and we agreed to the quote given. When we went to pick up our kitten's 2 days later we were given a bill that was $154.00 more than what we agreed to prior with no explanation for the increase. We argued the fact, showed the paperwork given to us prior with original quote and then had to agree on splitting the difference before our cats would be released back to us. Peter the husband was quite a piece of work. Kind of like a Dr.Jekle Mr. Hyde type attitude and Dr. Sexton was never to be seen. It appears that they have this system worked out quite well as to how to make a quick buck on their newly acquired clientele. The work done so far (being only 2 day's) has been adequate as problems have arisen as of yet. Would I recommend Dr. Sexton and her hubby to future patients? Absolutely not unless you have a very large pocket book and don't care about being treated respectfully by hubby dearest. The office worker's I have no complaint with as they were very kind and gracious. Maybe it will rub off on their employer's. But I doubt it!

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Kathy Gilbert
Having many years experience with Best Friends and Jodi and her great vet techs and the great gals in the office, I have had many different times to get to see the love and compassion they have for animals and for the owners as well! They have endured my feisty maltese whom they have to wrap a towel around her head to keep from getting bitten, and this has been every year for the past 7 years. They went through the heartbreak and effort of trying to keep a stray that just wondered onto our front porch alive knowing he(Bongo) had the devastating red mange. We lost him about a year ago. And now tomorrow I have to make another heartbreaking call to them as they had been treating my 8 year old boxer "Patches" for heartworms, and this dog was the true meaning of a loving and sweet, and kind animal! They donít get any sweeter that Patches was. We had almost completed her treatment and she was having to be kept very still and not excited, and while taking her for a walk she got away from my husband and ran behind our other outside dog and into the road and was hit and killed instantly. I am writing this at 2:22am as I have cried since this happened at about 7pm yesterday. She made it across the road but about that time I came home and she and my other dog heard my car and came running to meet their mommy like they always have except this time only one of my babies made it to me that being Rudy. Patches is now in Heaven with my other 2 dogs and I know with her sweet and loving nature she has made Heaven a much brighter place. And i want everyone to know even though Patches was an outside dog and hadnít had a bath when we took her into see Jodi this sweet lady got down in the floor and took all the love and affection that Patches had to lavish her with and she never flinched or complained, and for that I want to thank her. She and her wonderful staff have made owning a pet a much better experience for me and my family. Keep up the good work Best Friends! Love you all Kathy Gilbert, Sasha, Roscoe, Rudy, and gone but never forgotten, Patches, and Bongo

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Wendy Whittle
I took our new English bulldog puppy to Best Friends for his first checkup and he was given a clean bill of health. One week later and the first day the dog was left alone he became ill. I took him in concerned he had something lodged in his throat or an obstruction. I was told by "Dr. Sexton" he was fine to go home. He was home 15 minutes and began with the same symptoms. I returned to the clinic where I was greeted by a very angry, disrespectful Peter husband to Dr. Sexton/ hospital administrator. They did take our precious puppy back and told us not to call before 10am the next morning. We called that morning and was told he was critical and they did not know what was wrong with him. This continued through Saturday morning and when we called to check on Jeb we were told "Dr. Sexton had been up all night with him and she had (finally) x rayed him and she did not like what she saw could not take care of him, still did not have a diagnosis, and wanted him taken to another clinic in Atlanta".

We picked him up and took him to Whatley Clinic in Plainville where we were given a diagnosis within 10 minutes. The dog had suffered in the care of Best Friends and Dr. Sexton. He had to be put to sleep that afternoon. Had Dr. Sexton performed a thorough exam at the initial visit this could have been avoided! Also, a helpless puppy would not have suffered alone in a cage for 4 days. When we picked Jeb up to take him to the other clinic Dr. Sexton did not even come out to talk to us. They did however make sure we paid and then got our puppy. We paid for our puppy to be given narcotics and to be left alone in a cage groggy and gravely ill. The vet techs were very kind to us. Dr. Sexton and Peter- husband/clinic administrator were rude and disrespectful. So, if you choose to use this clinic I hope your animal only needs routine care because if something uncommon happens you and your animal will suffer at Best Friends. And, watch your charges.... I don't mind paying for services rendered - I do mind paying for services not rendered, for being treated disrespectfully, and for being lied to.

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As a lifelong dog lover and the owner of many "rescues", I've had the opportunity to work with lots of veterinarians over the years. Without a doubt, Dr. Sexton and her staff are the most qualified, most dedicated to service, most compassionate, both toward the animals and their owners, and have the highest degree of honesty and integrity of any veterinary practice I've ever visited. We are blessed to have this wonderful state-of-the-art facility in our community, but if it weren't, I would drive miles to bring my pets there!

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rhonda crider
I took my beloved cat Elivra who was 19+ yrs. old to Best Friends Animal Hospital. Jodi and her staff were great and so compassionate. Elvira was my "best friend" and they treated her with the compassion she deserved. They always great you with a smile. Thanks Jodi! You all are great! Best around!!!

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Bob & Gail Pearce
We can't say enough great things about the Best Friends Animal Clinic!

Our 14 year old miniature Schnauzer, Winston, recently had to be euthanized and it was a heartbreaking decision process. You always second guess whether you have done everything possible and if there are other options. Jodi assured us that we had fulfilled our responsibilities to our beloved Winston and that it was now time to let go.

We were given the time, respect and privacy to say our goodbyes and then we finally let go.

Winston was treated with the compassion and dignity he deserved having been a loyal and loving pet by the entire staff at Best Friends. He took his last breath knowing he was loved by everyone in the room.

As we left, devastated, with Winston's remains for home burial...I felt Jodi's comforting touch on my shoulder and heard the consoling words, "I'm so sorry for your loss". We now have another understanding of those special words...Best Friends.

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I used to have another vet who retired and I didn't care for the folks who took over his practice. I went to Best Friends for a second opinion on my ailing, aged cat whom I was told needed to be euthanized. Jodi (vet) tried a different approach, which wasn't even given as an option at the other place, and gave my loving friend more than a year of quality life. I can't thank or recommend her enough!

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I have taken my dog there after she was spayed by another vet that did a bad job and am taking my cat there today.... I also job shadowed there (observed them working) and thought she was great. She really cares about the animals. I also like that she allows you back in the exam room. What I do not like however (learning from the first review) is that she declaws cats. Cats should never be declawed unless there is some sort of deformity! It is cruel and it is a very painful recovery for them!!! It is the equivalent of us getting our fingers removed from the first joint!

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I scheduled with Best Friends Animal Hospital to have my male 6 month old cat "fixed" and declawed. The staff knew their stuff and they were very detailed on how to care for him when I brought him home. I was impressed that they even called to check on him to make sure he was doing good. Wish our own doctor's were that thoughtful. If you are looking for a place to take your pet I highly recommend this place.

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